CoD Warzone: New Roze Skin Glitch Makes Headshots… | EarlyGame
It’s not like we needed any more bugs with this skin.

CoD Warzone: New Roze Skin Glitch Makes Headshots Impossible

Call of Duty

The Roze Skin in Warzone might just be the most hated skin in the entire game. Well... now it got even worse with this glitch.

How many debates have we had about whether or not the Roze Skin was Pay-To-Win. And you know what? All the arguments that were brought forward had a point. It’s one of the most hated — if not the most hated — skins in Warzone.

But now it got even worse with this glitch.


As you can see in the video above, when using the heartbeat sensor, the head of the Roze Operator disappears, making headshots therefore impossible to land. We’ve actually encountered this bug ourselves and can confirm that you will not be able to hit your headshots with this bug.

What To Do Against Roze Skin Bug?

As always with Warzone, wait and hope that someone might fix it eventually. Players that use the Roze Skin are problematic in itself, you can bet that they’ll use this bug as well. Now, you might not be able to hit headshots, but you will still be able to do damage when you shoot their body.

Since they have to hold the heartbeat sensor for their head to disappear, they can’t shoot you at the same time, giving you a small advantage.


It’s not ideal, and we wish we’d be able to go forward without this bug (or this skin), but it is what it is for now. Do us a favor and kill them by shooting them in the legs or stomach or something. These players deserve that when they use a Roze skin.

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