The second playlist update in one week

CoD Warzone & Modern Warfare Playlist Update – Shipment Gone Again!

Call of Duty
Warzone/Modern Warfare Playlist Update

Shipment and Shoot House are gone again. (Image Credit: Activision)

After patch 1.29, which also already contained a small playlist update, another one was released today. Shipment and Shoot House were removed again, but Mini Royale is back.

Black Ops Cold War is finally out! A new campaign, new multiplayer, and finally zombies again. Modern Warfare and Warzone are still not dead because of that. Just at the beginning of this week, patch 1.29 was released, a huge update that reduces the disk space and introduces texture streaming for PC. Since then, you can create private Warzone matches, and there was also a small playlist update.

Today, November 13, there was another playlist update and, of course, new bundles.

Playlist Update

Modern Warfare

  • The bad news first: Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7 have been removed.
  • Realism Moshpit offers a hardcore experience. In this playlist, you play different modes with normal health and increased headshot damage. No matter what weapon you use, a headshot is almost always deadly here.
  • The Party Moshpit offers a selection of free-for-all game modes. In Gun Game Reloaded, One in the Chamber, or All or Nothing, everyone competes against everyone else.


Here everything remains the same, but Mini Royale has been added again. In the smaller version of the Battle Royale mode, fewer players compete on a smaller part of the map in a shortened time window. Here the action is preprogrammed.


With the playlist update came two new bundles. The Operator Pack Explosive Ordnance for Bale is exactly what the name promises - explosive.

Explosive Ordnance Bundle

How do you see anything with your helmet? (Image credit:

Here you get the Salvo-Skin for Bale, which provides you with really fat armor and a massive helmet. Additionally, you get the Crazy Train blueprint for the Bruen MK9, two tank skins, a calling card, emblem and stickers.

The second, much smaller bundle, Death's Grip, contains the Last Gasp blueprint for the FR 5.56 as well as a calling card and emblem.

Are you already playing Black Ops Cold War or are you still playing Modern Warfare? Or are you just playing Warzone anyway? Then look forward to December 10th, when Season 1 of BOCW will bring some new features to Warzone.

More Call of Duty news and updates, such as the Day 1 patch for Black Ops Cold War, can be found on EarlyGame.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.

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