Time to get Juggernauts for the whole squad!? Please don’t...

CoD Warzone: Juggernaut Glitch Allows Infinite Killstreaks!

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Warzone has always been plagued with bugs and glitches. One of the newest is freaking game-breaking, making it almost unplayable. The bloody thing allows complete Juggernaut Squads! Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Infinity Ward's game feels like the wrong end of Infinity War...

There have been countless bugs and glitches in Call of Duty’s Battle Royale Warzone. From weapon glitches, to players hiding in walls, to invisible players... we thought we’d seen it all! But now, the latest glitch enables an infinite number of Juggernaut Killstreaks, as YouTuber JGOD shows in a video:

Video Credit: JGOD via YouTube

This is how the Juggernaut Glitch works!

To safely get a Juggernaut Killstreak, you must solve the Downtown Easter Egg, which gives you access to a certain part of the subway system. Besides a lot of other loot, there is also a Juggernaut here. To duplicate the Killstreak as many times as you like, you only need the Juggernaut Killstreak and another arbitrary Killstreak. You have to do the following things, afterwards:

  1. Swap your Killstreak with the Juggernaut Killstreak
  2. Activate the Juggernaut Killstreak while you pick up another Killstreak
  3. If your timing is right, you will have the Juggernaut Killstreak in your hand and on the ground in front of you. The other Killstreak will also be in your inventory.

Getting the timing right isn’t easy, but once you get it right, you can call as many Juggernauts as you want. As you can see here, there are already the first complete Juggernaut squads in Warzone:

If you see a lot of Juggernauts in your next matches, you’ll know what to do. And if you’re wondering now: “Why are you telling us this? Then, there will only be more players taking advantage of the glitch!” Yes, that’s true, and that’s how it should be. The more players take advantage of the glitch and the more players who complain about it, the faster Activision and Infinity Ward will hopefully become aware of it and fix the problem. Clever, 'ey?


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Original article written by Lukas Ballat

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