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One of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty

CoD Setup Guide: MP5 - Still OP!

Call of Duty
Warzone MP5 Setup Guide
The MP5 is still the number one choice for many. (Image Credit: Activision)

The MP5 was long considered to be an op weapon and has even endured several nerfs to it. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most played weapons and with our setup, you get the most out of the weapon in Warzone and Multiplayer.

The MP5 has been one of the most popular and most played weapons since its release in Modern Warfare. In the Call of Duty League, it was pretty much the only weapon played along with the M4A1. As a result, it quickly fell into the op category and had to take several nerfs, the largest of which was the Season 4 Reloaded update in June.

Despite the numerous nerfs, you will still probably be killed by an MP5 in Warzone 50% of the time. In our opinion, the nerfs have definitely served their purpose as balance adjustments are not supposed to make a weapon unplayable, but to balance it. The MP5 is strong in Warzone where you have to fight at all distances.

MP5 Setup

Our setup is for Warzone but also works fine in multiplayer. Please keep in mind that our setup for the MP5 is designed to dominate everything on short to medium distances. For long distances in Warzone, you should definitely pack an assault rifle, a DMR or a sniper.

MP5 setup warzone
With this MP5 setup you are well prepared for every situation. (Image Credit: Activision)

This setup increases the range and gives you enough ammo to take out several armored enemies.

  • Barrel: silencer (integrated, monolith)
  • Laser: 5mW laser
  • Front Grip: Mercenary front grip
  • Ammunition: 45-shot magazine
  • Main Grip: Patterned grip tape

The barrel gives us more range and also has a built-in silencer to hide us on the minimap. With the laser and mercenary front grip, we increase the precision when shooting from the hip, increase the sprint to fire tempo, and reduce recoil. The larger magazine also allows us to take out multiple enemies without reloading and the grip further increases our sprint to fire speed and shortens the time to aim.

This setup allows you to react very quickly at short distances and hit from the hip even when firing from the hip. Up to medium distances you can shred with the MP5, but if you want to go beyond that you should use an assault rifle. In multiplayer, the setup is especially effective if you like fast run-and-gun gameplay.

Try it out! We guarantee a lot of fun and kills!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.