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Well, well, well… who would have thought?

CoD: Modern Warfare — Season 7 Leak?

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CoD: Modern Warfare — Season 7 Leak
It's time to take more of your money. (Credit: Infinity Ward)

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was supposed to be the last season for the game. But now it looks like a CoD: Modern Warfare Season 7 is actually happening after all.

Y’all remember when Infinity Ward said: Season 6 will be the last for CoD: Modern Warfare? HA. You actually thought they’d stop taking your money when they can so easily? Come on.

But we get it, you’re confused, think that we’re just making this up, and are probably already angry with us for teasing you like this. I mean, you might remember us saying a while ago that Season 7 is not coming. Back then, we used the exact same tweet that we will use now:


As you can see here, the Lead Multiplayer VFX Artist Shingledecker for Infinity Ward confirms that more content is coming, he’s just not sure if they’ll call it “Season 7”. That is old news, but now, we actually have a little more that might just point to Season 7 after all.

Through the CoD Modern Warfare Code, players have found Soap MacTavish, who you might remember from CoD 4.

There will apparently be two new bundles, featuring various cosmetic items, skins, weapon blueprints, emblems, and more, with a price of 2,400 CoD points each.

But that’s not all…

…because there are also new maps and new weapons.

Sounds to me like a Season 7 after all.

CoD: Modern Warfare — Season 7 Leak
I mean, come on. They'd be stupid to let the game die, when so many still put so much money into it. (Credit: Infinity Ward)

There will supposedly be four new maps, two of them being 6v6 maps (Al Raab Airbase and Killhouse) and two being gunfight maps (Townhouse and Drainage).

As for weapons, there are supposedly three new weapons coming to CoD: MW and Warzone, them being:

  • Sykov
  • CX-9 SMG
  • Raal MG

We want to point out that none of this has been confirmed by Infinity Ward yet, all of the above are leaks and speculations. And again, even we assumed - months ago - that there will not be a Season 7. But looking at this from a monetary side... it'd be stupid if there wouldn't be another Season.

If Season 7 is indeed happening, you'll find out on EarlyGame as soon as it drops. Especially stick around on our Call of Duty site, you'll find yourself in a pool of news.