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Is the MW11 the best Pistol in the business?

CoD Mobile Weapon Guides: Kicking Butt With the MW11 Pistol

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CoD Mobile MW11 Setup
There are lots of great weapons in CoD Mobile, but could this be the best secondary? (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Mobile has just launched its first season of 2021, New Order, and there's a lot of talk online about the best weapons in the game. We decided to jump in and talk about some of the most popular weapons. Is the MW11 Pistol a tad overpowered? Without further ado, we're here to help you own in CoD Mobile!

It becomes pretty clear just from a quick glance out Mr Google, that the MW11 Pistol is featured in most 'best loadouts’ lists for Call of Duty: Mobile. We were curious and, of course, had some experience up our sleeve from playing with this little guy, so we thought we'd boot up our smartphones and take a closer look.

While our small screens load, chugging up a fuss with some of those painful Android and iOS updates, check out this Reddit post from a couple months ago – boy, oh boy, this dude is excited!

BEST MW11 PISTOL IN COD MOBILE!!! You have to try it! from CODMobile_Loadouts

Well, it's time to jump in. Keep in mind that this is obviously a secondary weapon, and not necessarily the main item in your loadout. The cool thing about the MW11 is that it is still pretty powerful in CoD Mobile, and worthy of your investment for sure!

We are not going to make any assumptions regarding perks or scorestreaks, so just consider these tips as a clean-build, and not as part of a bigger package. If you want a quick tip in regards to loadout, we certainly recommend using the MW11 as a complement to the M4 and some kind of grenade, perhaps a sticky.

CoD Mobile MW11 Gold
Ooooh, this is one beautiful gold skin for the MW11... (Credit: Activision)

Setup Guide for the MW11 Pistol

The core of a good MW11 Pistol is maximizing that accuracy, to score those sick-as headshots, and really f**k with your enemies. Remember, Call of Duty Mobile is, as the name suggests, MOBILE! That means that you are controlling (usually) with a touch screen, so any aid to accuracy would be fabulous. What’s also important is fire-rate, so how do we maximize both?

  • Barrel: .45” Tac Long
  • Grip: Granulated Grip Tape
  • Trigger: Match Grade Trigger
  • Magazine: Extended Barrel

Of course, there are other things to consider, and other items you can add, but these are the four core elements we believe you should focus on to play really well with the MW11. The core elements of this setup are, of course, the Barrel and the Grip. You might be surprised to see the .45” Tac Long on this list, "Wouldn't the suppressor be better?” Well, there are a couple of reasons...

im getting hyped
(Credit: GIPHY)

Basically, we are going for solid headshots, with better damage. Thus, this bad-boy's good because you are going to keep both accuracy and long-range fire damage. Yes, you get a tad better accuracy with a suppressor, but considering the difference in long-range damage, we figure this is the more balanced and better choice!

To complement this little guy, utilize the Granulated Grip Tape to really keep that spread accuracy high. We know that it has a slow movement speed, but the accuracy is helpful for encounters. The perfect complement is the Match Grade Trigger, which supplies good accuracy AND fire rate. Both are crucial. The magazine? Well, the more bullets, the better!

There you have it, you're very well prepared to take on any enemy if you have this cool dude in your loadout (I really need to stop personifying weapons, it's kind of creepy...). We'd love to hear what you thought, do you perhaps have some kick-ass tips and tricks for us? Let us know on Discord! It's always good to get feedback and learn from the community.

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