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She was only 19.

Murdered: CoD Pro Player SOL Found Dead

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SOL was starting out her career as a CoD Mobile Esports Professional. (Credit: SOL)

Female CoD Mobile Pro, Ingrid "SOL” Oliveira Bueno da Silva, has been murdered by a fellow pro-player in São Paulo, Brazil. She was only 19.

At the time of her death, SOL was playing with FBI (Fantastic Brazil Impact), an Esports CoD Mobile team based in Brazil. She was beloved by her team and colleagues, and will be remembered as an “extraordinary person”.

The statement above, from Jaguares Esports, reads:

“It is with immense sadness that Jaguares Esports wishes the families of Sol and the FBI Esports team all the best. We are all in mourning. May she rest in peace, and may justice be done.”

The murder may have been committed by another player in the scene, Guilherme “Flashlight” Alves Costa, who has now confessed to the murder. SOL's body was found on February 23 in Pirituba, São Paulo, and the alleged perpetrator surrendered to the police shortly thereafter.

sol cod mobile
SOL is fondly remembered by her friends, family, and colleagues, as an "extraordinary person". (Credit: SOL)

Alves Costa has reportedly uploaded a video of the stabbing to social media platforms Instagram and Whatsapp. The Instagram group in question,, issued a statement in which they explained that the videos in question, apparently including hate speech and nods to terrorism, were turned over to the police immediately.

The videos and claims were recorded on the suspects mobile phone and uploaded to gamerselite's Whatsapp group chat. As of writing, it seems that the murder was premeditated, with the reveal that Alves Costa had recorded his intention to murder SOL in a notebook seized by the police.

Brazil has a significant problem with femicide, with the IPEA's Atlas of Violence 2020 showing that, in 2018, a woman was murdered in the country every two hours. Oliveira Bueno da Silva was known for her activism and participation in projects and events that were designed to empower and create a safe space, for women.

We express our deep condolences to all of Oliveira Bueno da Silva's family and friends during this difficult time.


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