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CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order: Everything you need to know!

Call of Duty
CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order
Wolfenstein..- Ahem! I mean: Call of Duty New Order! So original! (Credit: Activision)

CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order will soon be released. We’ll tell you everything there is to know in order for you to start this new CoD Mobile Chapter!

Does the title surprise you? Probably right? It’s usually something like CoD Mobile Season 14 or something, but not this time. The Devs said: it’s 2021 and we’re tired of these boring title updates. We want something cool. So let’s copy Wolfenstein!

Just kidding… (or are we?)


Release Date

Now, there is no official release date for CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order, but according to the Tweet above, “early next week” sounds a lot like Monday or Tuesday. So expect the new season to drop then.

New Weapons

CoD Mobile Season 1 will get two new weapons that look SICK.

The devs of CoD Mobile are trying to be sneaky here, but if a CoD fan knows one thing, it’s their weapons.

The first weapon is obviously the FAMAS, an assault rifle that is perfect for long-distance fighting and amazing burst fire capabilities (keep in mind, though, that the names for these weapons might change in CoD Mobile. Wouldn't be the first time).

The second weapon is the SKS, a Marksman Rifle that we remember from Modern Warfare and Black Ops (once again, the name might change!).

New Map

What, you think you could get new weapons and not get a new map? Come on, this is CoD Mobile, not Black Ops Cold War.

Once again, the devs of CoD Mobile jumped onto Twitter (their favorite activity, apparently) and teased us with their new map. But… it’s not actually new. The map is the Reclaim Map from the Season 13 test server.

New Character

I know, so much new stuff, feels like Christmas, huh? But who knows, with that Christmas tree from the Reclaim map, maybe it was intended to be this way.

According to a reddit post, the new character might be Menendez, a character that will mostly be familiar to Call of Duty: Black Ops fans. Hasn’t been confirmed though, it’s literally only on reddit. And everyone knows that you should 100% trust everything that’s on reddit.

New Game Modes

Not much is known of the new game mode, other than that it’ll be called Attack of the Undead. Maybe something related to zombies like in BOCW?

Battle Pass

There will also be a Battle Pass for CoD Mobile Season 1 New Order that comes with 50 tiers of free and paid content. It’ll include new Operators, new weapons, and a scorestreak (if you pay for it because nothing in this world is free… except for my love for you.)

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