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CoD: This Is How You Get the Pawn Takes Pawn Rewards!

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Pawn takes Pawn Rewards

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After months of puzzling and numerous cryptic messages on the teaser website Pawn Takes Pawn, the Easter Egg has now been solved and unlocks some rewards.

Since the beginning of August, Call of Duty fans were able to watch and solve short videos, teasers, and puzzles on the Pawn Takes Pawn website, which revealed information about the upcoming Black Ops Cold War. It all started with a few slide projectors. This was followed by a scavenger hunt in Warzone accompanied by short history videos on the aforementioned website, which provided background information on the Cold War:

The zombie mode of the new Black Ops was also announced on the Easter Egg-website. However, even then it was too much for many and they would have preferred a simple trailer.

The End

Two days ago, Treyarch released a video on YouTube that summarizes the entire story of the Black Ops Cold War teasers and trailers to date.

Video credit: Treyarch via YouTube

The Reward

After a final puzzle was posted, fans looked forward to unlocking or learning something big and meaningful with the final solution of the Easter Eggs. Instead, there was just a short video with William Bowman warning about Perseus and some rewards for the current CoD parts.

The majority of the community is disappointed. After all the effort, countless teasers, and long waiting periods, all you can now do is unlock a few cosmetics in CoD: Mobile, Modern Warfare/Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War.

For Mobile, you get a calling card, an avatar, a spray, a frame, and a weapon blueprint. For MW/Warzone you get a vehicle skin, a weapon pendant, a weapon blueprint, and 5 calling cards, emblems, and sprays. For the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, there is only a weapon charm and a calling card.

This is How You Get the Rewards

To get the rewards you just go to the Pawn Takes Pawn site and enter the password "1PIECES9IN8PLAY1". Just make sure that your Activision account is linked. Once you have done this, you should receive the video with Bowman we mentioned before. After watching it you will receive the Dead Draw Achievement and all rewards should be available on your Achievements page.

What did you think about the announcement of Black Ops Cold War on the Pawn Takes Pawn page? Did you find the scavenger hunt with fresh new puzzles and clues exciting or rather annoying? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.

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