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The big day is upon us, and it's time to get groovy!

Call of Duty Day 115: New Firebase Z Map Announced!

Call of Duty

It's time for Zombies’ Day 115 in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and time to get groovy with all the new announcements we've seen today! Season 1 might be getting a bunch of stuff, but Firebase Z sounds like a cool map, and considering the date, that's what we should be celebrating!

Raise your glasses, guzzle your beer (*cough* mountain dew *cough*), it's time for some Zombies fun! Today marks Day 115 2021, and if all those numbers don't confuse you, then good for you, because that means Treyarch has announced some cool s**t! Well, they have made announcements whether you understand or not, but let's not go there.

Well, it's a bloody good thing we've caught you, because first of all: happy new year. Second of all: yes, we know that's a 2-week-old statement. And third of all: with a new year, comes another Day 115. That's always a good thing, isn't it?

Well, we already realized that earlier in the week, when it was discovered that Treyarch was going to hold a free Zombies week running for a week after Day 115 graces us with its demonic presence. We knew that would not be all, but we also expected that with the mid-season update coming, and then season 2, perhaps we could have a subdued celebration this year.

Just be aware – there are a couple of issues with Zombies Free Week, with some bugs that need to be quickly addressed by Treyarch. Here's the relevant info:

Covid-19 may have subdued a bunch of s**t in 2020, but it's 2021, folks! 2021 has already brought us some good and bad news, but best of all: Firebase Z is the new Zombies map announced on Day 115, and will be gracing our screens on February 4. Now, that's great news!

Firebase Z, or FIREBASE Z as Treyarch likes to call it (cause caps is cool), will be a continuation of the Dark Aether story. Looks like we'll get an update before Season 2, so that's nice! Little is known about the map right now, but we can assure you: it's ‘probably’ going to be awesome. Well, we hope so, at least.

So, 115 Day is upon us, and we have been given the Firebase Z announcement, and the Free Access Week. What else, you may ask? Well, allow us to provide a list: Cranked Mode, Onslaught Mode, the Wakizashi sword thingo. Keep in mind that the day is not over yet! Perhaps we will find out more, perhaps not. But whatever happens, just remember (shameless plug alert): stick to EarlyGame.

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