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Black Ops Cold War gets another update... this time, it's time to snipe.

BOCW Update: CoD ZRG Sniper, 2XP, & Patch Notes

Call of Duty
bocw zrg sniper 2xp patch notes
With the new patch comes a new Sniper: the ZRG 20mm! (Credit: Activision)

A new update has dropped for Black Ops Cold War, bringing with it a new heavy-duty ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle. This comes as the sixth new weapon to find its place in Season 2, and is accompanied by a 2XP weekend, and some great new improvements to Zombies, Dead Ops Arcade 3, and more. Here are the patch notes...

Well, well, well, it seems we have a new Black Ops Cold War update. Are you enjoying the new CoD ZRG Sniper? We are, that's for sure! What about all these new additions? Well, along with all of these juicy new bug fixes, this pie is tasty and warm, just out of the oven. If Season 2 didn't moisten our oysters, and neither did Season 2: Reloaded, well... actually, that's weird dude, are you okay?

BOCW Update: CoD ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle

You can get yourself the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle by purchasing the "Jackpot Sniper" bundle from the store, both in BOCW and Warzone. The big question on everyone's mind, though, is how good is it? Well... pretty bloody good, actually. Could this be the next meta?

The new ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle certainly has the potential, that's for sure. It has insane bullet velocity (unsurprising for a Sniper Rifle), but along with its seriously high damage, this bad-boy has the largest kill zone of any sniper in the game. In other words, if you hit anyone above the waist, you're in the running for one of those salty, delicious one-shot kills. Have fun, beautiful humans...

bocw warzone zrg 20mm sniper rifle
BOCW has added the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle, and boy oh boy, it's a bad-boy. (Credit: Activision)

BOCW Update: 2XP Weekend & New Content

Between April 8 and April 12, we have a 2XP weekend. Sounds exciting? Well, it is! Yet again, we have a 2XP weekend in the lead up to Season 3, which is now just around the corner. Keep in mind: if there's a new Season, then that means a new set of Prestige Levels. This is why a 2XP Weekend is so important, because it gives us another chance to get the most out of the current Prestige levels.

Additionally, the latest BOCW update brings with it Gunsmith Customs, which is considered the debut of rewards for Gunfight Tournaments. Sounds great, right? This delicious little addition is going to add a lot to Black Ops Cold War, and we are bloody excited indeed.

bocw 2xp weekend
It looks like we have a 2XP weekend on the table this weekend! (Credit: Activision)

BOCW Update: Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has added a bunch in its new update. That means: a long-ass list of patch notes. Well, we are going to somewhat minimize them for you, but if you want the full list... then you better run over to Treyarch's website. However, we won't forgive you. Stick to EarlyGame, seriously, we love you.

BOCW Patch Notes: Global


  • ZRG 20mm: ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is now available via in-game challenge or Store bundle.

User Interface

  • Addressed an issue with UI icon visuals for the "Oni" Reticle appearing too dark in the preview.

BOCW Patch Notes: Multiplayer


  • Miami Strike: Closed an out-of-bounds exploit area near the Parking Garage.


  • RC-XD: Increased RC-XD damage to take down nearby enemies using Flak Jacket.

Camo Progression

  • Addressed an issue where the “Science” camo category for the RPG-7 wasn't tracking properly.
  • Addressed an issue where the “Classic” camo category for the R1 Shadowhunter wasn't tracking properly.
bocw campaign
Have you played the Black Ops Cold War campaign? Let us know your thoughts on discord! (Credit: Activision)

BOCW Patch Notes: Zombies


  • Addressed a stability issue related to Ammo Mods.


  • Stability: 
    • Fixed crashes related to Objectives.
    • Addressed a stability issue related to the Krasny Soldat's leap attack.
    • Addressed a stability issue related to the Dragon Relic.
    • Addressed a stability issue related to Wall Buys.
    • Addressed a stability issue related to the Secure Objective.
    • Added numerous stability fixes.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

  • Gameplay:
    • Adjusted XP rewards.
    • Slightly adjusted some rewards for life donation.
    • Adjusted time allotments for Wave 3 in the Room of Justice.
    • Addressed an issue where the Bonus Room War Store not functioning as expected.
    • Addressed an issue where the War Store wasn't granting vehicles or a random one.
    • Addressed a co-op issue where a player wouldn't be warped into the Room of Fate if another player was dropping into the Room of Fate on buggy or mech at the same time.
    • Addressed an issue where various shield type objects (Barrels, Boxing Gloves, Sawblades, Tesla Balls) were not working as expected.
    • Addressed an issue where the player’s shield was not affecting the Meatball or Spider enemies as expected.
    • Addressed an issue where the Tesla Ball wasn't working against some enemies.
bocw dead ops arcade 3
Do you like Dead Ops Arcade 3? Well, there are some changes with the latest update! (Credit: Activision)
  • Challenges:
    • Addressed an issue where the player wasn’t properly getting credited for kills while in vehicles for the “Damage Delivery” Challenge.
  • Leaderboards:
    • Addressed an issue where leaderboards were not updated correctly at the end of match.


  • Addressed an issue that caused Optics to be automatically unlocked on the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5)

  • Gameplay:
    • Adjusted difficulty scaling for higher Surges.
    • Adjusted spawn rate and movement speed of enemies to match other modes.
    • Added super sprinter enemies to Onslaught.

BOCW Patch Notes: Campaign

User Interface

  • Addressed a UI error that could appear upon selecting Player Details when using keyboard and mouse.

Well, well, well. We started this long-ass article with those three singular words, and we are ending it with them as well. It's a pretty solid update, to join a pretty solid ZRG sniper, to join a pretty solid 2XP weekend, to join a tasty serving of patch notes. It's time to go for a jog, wear off some calories, and get ourselves ready for a solid night of Black Ops Cold War. Sounds good? Buy a pizza.


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