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BOCW: The Best MP5 Setup

Call of Duty

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There are some weapons that just refuse to go away. The MP5 has been part of the multiplayer meta in basically every single Call of Duty game it's been in. Black Ops Cold War does not break away from the trend.

The latest CoD has gone through a few patches of one gun dominating proceedings. That includes a period where the MP5 was “the best assault rifle” in the game right after launch. The SMG was so overpowered that a nerf came about within a week. While other weapons enjoyed the spotlight in the following months, the MP5 has not fallen much. In fact, it remains the favorite SMG of most players. Damage and speed are qualities that never lose value, much like having a good sense of humor. Abs and the DMR 14 meta are temporary.

Our loadouts are always deprived of perk and wildcard considerations since they can alter a lot from player to player and it makes it all the more difficult to find your sweet spot with a guide. The attachments we have outlined, however, should give you enough of a head start to take everything out of the MP5. Now go, my son, make me proud!  

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