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Who doesn’t love a little challenge?

CoD Black Ops Cold War Outbreak: How to Get the Dragon Relic

Call of Duty
CoD Black Ops Cold War Outbreak: Dragon Relic
It looks so fancy... we like that! (Credit: Gamepur)

With Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Outbreak come a lot of new features and secrets, one of them being the Dragon Relic. Here is how you get it.

Outbreak in itself is interesting enough, but we have a little easter egg for you, that might just spice up your game that tiny bit more: the Dragon Relic!

What is the Dragon Relic?

I know it sounds like it’ll be some book or something, but it’s an actual dragon in machine form, which is freaking crazy, yet super cool at the same time! But then again, this is an easter egg and easter eggs are supposed to make you giddy.

CoD Black Ops Cold War Outbreak: Dragon Relic
Look at this majestic beast... in steampunk form. (Credit: Gamepur)

How do I get the Dragon Relic?

This one is actually fairly easy, because no matter on which Outbreak map you’re playing, you’ll see an icon on your map in the shape of a Dragon’s head. Because apparently, the devs think we’re stupid — fair enough since we buy their games every damn time.

CoD Black Ops Cold War Outbreak: Dragon Relic Location
It looks so out of place in a game like this, but we like it. (Credit: vg247)

Once you’re in front of the Dragon Relic, it’ll cost 500 points to activate, and trust us on this, you want to invest them into the Dragon Relic. Because once you do, the zombies will come running and the dragon will start its show. A burning circle will appear in front of the dragon and Zombies will start swarming your position. Every Zombie killed within the circle will be eaten by the dragon. Just feed him enough dead Zombies and wait for the show.

After it has eaten enough rotten flesh the Dragon Relic will then yeet itself into space and leave behind a chest that it apparently pooped out. 

Nevertheless, you should open this chest, no matter where it came from because chances are high that this chest will contain some pretty sweet poop..- loot. We meant loot. Sorry.


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