The Call of Duty bugs just keep rolling in. First Warzone, now this!

CoD: Black Ops Cold War Daily Challenges Are Not Working

Call of Duty
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Players continue to face problems with Black Ops Cold War's daily challenges. (Credit: Activision)

Players are continuing to have troubles with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's daily challenges, with more CoD glitches entering the arena. Reports are that for many gamers, daily challenges are not recording any progress at all, despite players attempting different fixes to get their hard-earned stats.

This problem seems to be a common one with Call of Duty titles, back in early 2020 there were lots of problems with Daily Challenges not working in Modern Warfare (2019). It’s kind of bizarre if, you think about it. How have they not fixed this problem for the most recent game?


Explosions, explosions, explosions... but no daily challenges. (Credit: Activision)

We find ourselves at the helm of 2021, steering the ship further forwards in the new year. With new years come new challenges. In this case, Daily Challenges. The problem is that players are still struggling to get recognition for their hard work! This is no good... no good at all.

The most common problem that players are seeing with Daily Challenges is that the bloody things show up, they complete them, and those stats don’t get reflected. That means no rewards, no XP bonuses, NOTHING. Sucks, right? So why has the issue resurfaced again in Black Ops Cold War? You haven’t learnt your lesson, have you?

One of the biggest issues is that the bug is caused by all sorts of different things. They vary from simple things like fools not logging into PSN, to actual problems that need to be fixed by the devs. Check out this forum on Activision’s website to get some clues. The Daily Challenges are super fun, so hopefully some of these problems get fixed as soon as possible.

We’d love to hear a little from you guys, too. The Daily Challenges problems have quite a few possible reasons behind them. We want to help, so we are curious about what problems people think are causing these bugs, so that we can check it out and get it to Activision if possible.

Let us know on Twitter and Facebook, but also don’t forget our brand-new Discord! We’ll be on there monitoring it, so stay tuned.

In totality, Activision still have a lot to fix in pretty much all of their current CoD games. Warzone’s DMR 14 is still f**ked, and the players just seems to be finding glitch after glitch after glitch in that monolithic Battle Royale. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been breaking Xbox Series X’s, and is buggy as all hell! Come on guys, pull your socks up a little bit!

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