Everything We Know About the New Modern Warfare II

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is live and while we are waiting for Caldera to drop, we already got news for next year's CoD 2022. In this article, we will keep you up to date about the latest news and leaks for Modern Warfare II – that seems to be the name of Call of Duty 2022.
Modern Warfare II CoD 2022
CoD 2022 will continue Modern Warfare (2019) and bring back a lot of original MW2 content. | © Activision

Even though we are still grinding Vanguard, we already got a lot of news about next year's Call of Duty 2022. You probably already know that it will be a follow-up to 2019s Modern Warfare and therefore be called Modern Warfare II, but that is by far not all we know about CoD 2022. Thanks to leakers like TomHenderson or Ralph on Twitter, we have info about the name, the campaign, multiplayer and much more. In this article, we will collect all the latest news and leaks for Modern Warfare II and constantly keep you up to date, so make sure to check back regularly.

Modern Warfare II (2022) Release Date

This early on, we obviously don't have any information about the release date of CoD 2022, but we can of course make an educated guess. Modern Warfare 2019 was released on October 25, Black Ops Cold War on November 13 and Vanguard on November 5. According to those dates, it would be a big surprise if Modern Warfare II wouldn't release somewhere between the end of October and the beginning of November. That would at least be the normal release period for a new CoD. However, since Vanguard is currently selling worse than expected, leaker Tom Henderson believes that MWII 2022 could possibly be released earlier.

According to Henderson, MWII could be announced as early as summer and then released earlier in October, followed by a big Warzone update. What is true about this assumption is still unclear, but since the new CoD has been in development for much longer than the previous CoDs, an earlier release is not completely out of the question.

Most of the following information is based on the following and several other Twitter posts by leaker Ralph:

Will Modern Warfare II (2022) Have a Campaign?

Yes, Modern Warfae II will of course have a campaign. Thanks to Ralph on Twitter, we also have quite a lot of details about the campaign. According to the leak, we will be able to interact with our companions and, for example, request room clearance. We also have to make choices during the campaign that will have impact on the story. Here is a quick rundown of two missions by Ralph:

  • Mission 1: Task Force 141 and several other members of the domestic military have been tasked with infiltrating what’s assumed to be a safe house cell holding information on a drug lord, of an international crime syndicate based in Ciudad Juárez, dismantling the upper echelon of the organization. You’re allowed the option of deciding whether to go in, guns blazing (ramming down the gate), or covertly. Throughout the raid, choices you make will determine who on your team will die.
  • Mission 2: Task Force 141’s vehicle is ambushed by heavy fire from an unknown position, the character you're playing as is shouting out for his teammate to hand him a weapon, during the struggle, he is then shot (he is heard gurgling on his own blood and moaning). You’re tasked with grabbing his weapon before diving back behind the cover of the armored patrol vehicle (new feature?) and fending off approaching combatants. As mentioned, your character is visibly scared: trembling during ADS, panting, and swallowing, which triggers a sequence where the weapon jams. Fast-forward, domestic military police show up, though due to the frenzy, they have their weapons tracked on you and your team. TF141 members are heard whispering, believing they are the Cartel disguised as Domestic Military; you decide whether you shoot them or not.

We also got a list with returning Operators from the Modern Warfare franchise. According to leaks, these popular characters will return to Modern Warfare II:

  • Barry Sloan as Cpt. Price
  • Ghost
  • General Sheperd
  • Soap
  • Roach


We also have quite a lot to say about the multiplayer. New modes, perks, maps and weapons have already been leaked, and we will list them all for you. So what is new, and what will return to Modern Warfare II's multiplayer?

Returning Maps

Several leakers have confirmed on Twitter that some popular MW2 maps will return. Five popular all-time favorite maps have already been leaked by Ralph and Tom Henderson also talks about the return of these maps.

  • Favela
  • Terminal
  • Highrise
  • Shipment
  • Quarry


The tweet provides us with a huge list of weapons, and boy are we excited!

Assault RiflesMK47
Beretta ARX-160
AK (multiple variants)
Marksman RiflesKel-Tec RFB
Savage M24
PistolsAMT Hardballer

CZ P-09

CheyTac Intervention
Lever-ActionWinchester 92
Browning BLR
Savage M99
Combat Knife
Butterfly Knife

Also, Modern Warfare II's Gunsmith will apparently get more options. Infinity Ward seems to be featuring a lot of different caliber attachments (like in CoD: Vanguard). The leak mentions calibers such as .300 AAC Blackout, .485, .45 ACP, 7.62, .350 Legend, and .450 Bushmaster. Of course, it will also have a huge selection of hand-guards, muzzles, magazines and all the other attachments we know and love from Modern Warfare. According to another tweet, certain popular weapons, such as the ACR, will not be coming back, but it will be possible to build various weapons with attachments via the Gunsmith, like in MW2019. In MW2019, for example, you could build the G36 assault rifle from the Holger LMG with the appropriate attachments.

What is even more interesting, though, is the claim that we will be able to customize our weapons mid-match, like in Battlefield 2042. I personally don't know if this is needed in really fast-paced CoD multiplayer matches, but it definitely sounds like a cool idea.

The latest leaks also talk about different camo styles for the weapons in MWII. Among the new styles, there will be glossy, matte, oiled, rusty and metallic ones. In addition, the game is supposed to put a lot of focus on personalising your weapon. But for real, what else are they going to do. Camos, stickers, weapon charms, etc. have been around forever in CoD, so what else do they want to add?

Game Modes, Perks & More

Modern Warfare II's multiplayer will also feature the following:

  • Ricochet Perk (bullets will ricochet off walls)
  • Bounty Hunter Perk
  • Extraction type mode
  • Floor is Lava mode
  • Uplink mode
  • Hostage mode

Of course, field upgrades and Operators will return as well.

Will Modern Warfare II have SBMM?

Yes, like every CoD, it will have some kind of SBMM. What does surprise us, is that Infinity Ward apparently wants to introduce Bot Pools. If your stats are eligible, you can enter a PvPvE lobby. With their new reworked AI system, the bots will be able to track and match a player's skill level throughout a match. Sounds amazing, but only time will tell if it really works...

DMZ: The Third Mode in MWII

MW2019 came with campaign, multiplayer and Spec Ops. MWII will replace the Spec Ops mode with a new game mode called DMZ, that was previously also called Premise. According to leaker Ralph, the new mode will be similar to the Hazard Zone mode from Battlefield 2042 or Escape from Tarkov. Tom Henderson called the mode DMZ from the beginning, but talks about the same things that were already leaked by Ralph.

According to the latest information, the third mode will be "open world" and procedurally generated. DMZ is thus supposed to offer different missions, AI opponents, weather and events. In addition, the mode is supposed to have been in development for about 4 years. If this is true, we might be in for something really big...

How Will DMZ Work?

The objective in DMZ is to find and extract loot on different maps. Players can loot buildings, corpses, vehicles and crates and exfiltrate with the loot at different locations on the map – at least if you have met the requirements to do so. Those who die can be looted and lose all equipment and loot.

There will be a 'bazaar' where several AI merchants are gathered who will give you missions and trade with you.

The gunsmith in DMZ is based on a point system where you have to buy attachments with a certain currency. Points are earned directly by playing. According to a new leak, however, weapons can also be traded for points.

The mode will be much slower than the usual CoD multiplayer matches and will have a big focus on armor – probably similar to Warzone. There will also be loadouts, which should play a big role.

DMZ is supposed to be designed for 20-35 players and will probably already be playable in the beta. At launch, there will only be solos, followed by duos, trios and quads. DMZ will also be playable independently of multiplayer.

Will Modern Warfare II (2022) be Integrated Into Warzone?

Yes, Modern Warfare II (2022) will most likely be integrated into Call of Duty's Battle Royale Warzone. All we know so far, is that there will be a new map comprised of a blend of MW2 maps and new POIs. There will also be a new limited time mode called Prop Hunt, a ranked mode, destructible environment and new vehicles. Just take a look at Ralphs tweet:

Keep in mind, that all the above info is purely based on leaks! Nothing has been officially announced yet, and everything is subject to change.

Are you hyped for Modern Warfare II (2022) already? Even though the new leaks do sound pretty awesome, we will put some time into CoD: Vanguard and the new Warzone map Caldera first, before we allow ourselves to get too hyped for CoD 2022.