You’ve been hyped for too many CoD Leaks, right? Well, get hyped for one more.

Call of Duty: Warzone — Ural Mountain Map Release Date, Gameplay Changes & More

Call of Duty

CoD: Warzone and a new map? Yes please.

Maybe you’ve already heard of this, but maybe you haven’t. CoD: Warzone is apparently getting a new map! Here’s everything we know about it.

What’s this… a new Warzone map? For real? Well, kind of. These leaks do sound very reliable this time — unlike the 50 others that have come out today alone — but you can never put too much faith into them until the developers are coming out with a statement themselves. But this one? If this turns out to be true, with all the features that we’re about to mention? Then you’re in for a ride.


IT LOOKS SO COOL! (via YouTube)

When is the Release Date for the CoD: Warzone Ural Mountain Map?

Warzone will turn one year on March 10th and apparently, there will be some sort of celebration for this anniversary. A big one. So we predict the Ural Mountain Map in Warzone to come out with a Patch around March 10th.

How big is the Ural Mountain Map in Warzone?

According to ModernWarzone, the new map will be bigger than both Rebirth Island and Verdansk. Now let that sink in, because Verdansk is HUGE. And after the disappointment that Rebirth Island was, it would make sense for the developers to create another bigger map. Everything to please the audience, right?

What Gameplay Changes are in the Ural Mountain Map?

There are three important changes that are supposedly coming to the new map update for CoD: Warzone, them being:

  • Radioactive hazards
  • Riding on boats
  • Swimming

And now one more tiny detail, that is actually not tiny at all… you enjoy Verdansk for a little longer… because, from the looks of it, the new Ural Mountain Map will replace Verdansk. With a boom.

Verdansk will be no longer. (via Twitter)

What do you think about all this? Do you think this is true and are you excited about it? Let us know on our socials: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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