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Best BOCW Weapons For Long Distance in Warzone

Call of Duty

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Warzone is Call of Duty's battle royale game and on December 16th 2020, Warzone was merged with the current installment Black Ops Cold War, starting another Season 1. The update now added weapons from Black Ops Cold War for Warzone players to choose from. With so many new options, the meta in the battle royale game is changing. But which weapons are among the best? The large map in Warzone makes ranged weapons especially useful and helpful, as they allow you to fight from a long distance - an advantage on any spacious map. That´s why we introduce you to the weapons from Black Ops Cold War that are best suited for long distances in Warzone, so you can dominate the battlefield and defeat your opponents. The Krig 6, the M16 and the Pelington 703 are excellent long-range weapons added to Warzone with the latest update and are just what you need if you prefer to attack from a distance. We'll tell you what advantages these weapons bring with them and what makes them so good!

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