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In short, too much to list... CoD Mobile Season 1 is a BIG BOY!

What's Coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: New Order?

Call of Duty
CoD Mobile Season 1 2021
Call of Duty: Mobile has seen it's first 14th season, and it has some pretty sweet content. (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Mobile is having its biggest season yet with Season 1: New Order! The mobile title has been gracing our small screens since 2019, and with it entering its third-year, Activision has decided to give the title a clean slate. Instead of Season 14, we have Season 1: New Order, and here's everything we know so far!

CoD Mobile Season 14? Nope, it's Season 1: New Order!

The first season of 2021 has finally hit our mobile phones on January 26, and we have been back into CoD Mobile to see what has changed, and what players should expect when re-entering this portable juggernaut! Now, yes, there's a lot to unpack, so here's a Tweet with a nice little summary for all of you lazy f**ks...

CoD Mobile's multiplayer and battle royale modes are seeing a ton of new action in Season 1, with Activision switching back its naming to Season 1. This doesn't mean that we are reverting back to the old game, as the typically stupid naming suggests. It is Season 14, they just chose to be confusing little s**ts about it.

We may all be asking the eternal question, 'WHY?’, and they may have added the king of all generic names, ‘New Order’, to the title, but that's not what we're here for. Being snarky is fun, and we think Activision should be able to hack our jokes, but enough is enough... what do they have in stall for us?

Well, at the risk of taking on my Australian persona a little too heavy-handedly: A SHITLOAD! That is, an amount in excess of proportions (nerd joke alert)...

Kangaroo drops ball
This Kangaroo has really dropped the ball... (Credit: GIPHY)

New Weapons in Season 1

Welp! Oh, sorry, WELL! We'll start off unsurprising: new weapons are coming to game. Namely, the SKS, which is all about long-range firefights. It's not available yet, and probably won't be the only weapon coming in Season 14... Season 1... Anyway, if you are excited about a gun (ouch, that must hurt), then it'll be out mid-February.

Season 1 Battle Pass(es)

Notice the plurality? We certainly hope so! This son of a b***h has several tiers to it this time around.

What's for free? Well, if you're not into paying for s**t, you can get a couple of new weapons (that's right, the first subheading's a little superfluous now, ain't it?), including the FR. 556, which can be unlocked at Tier 21. Additionally, there are some new items and skills to unlock, you get the gist.

CoD Mobile Season 1
CoD Mobile has some fantastic content, if you haven't checked it out yet! (Credit: Activision)

What do I have to pay for? Well, if you purchase the Battle Pass, you will get more or less everything coming in Season 14. Sorry, this keeps happening, Season 1. Do Activision not understand numbers? Anyway, this includes skins, blueprints, and all the new maps and modes.

New Multiplayer Map!

RECLAIM your glory in RECLAIM! Might seem we are a little salty about naming conventions in this article, but yet again... come on, Activision! Anyway, Reclaim actually looks pretty sick! It is set in a dilapidated shopping center (or a MALL for our American readers).

This one's a brand new map, and surprisingly, not just a reskin of an old map (looking at you Call of Duty: We Are Going to Make This Name Far Too Long Cold War). There are shops to shoot up, and a cool-looking Christmas tree. Joking aside, this one actually looks super solid, and a great way to start 2021!

simpsons homer bushes
That obligatory Simpsons gif... is this 2020 creeping away? (Credit: GIPHY)

New Multiplayer Modes!

We are getting a couple new multiplayer modes in New Order. Now, that's an easier way to remember it, now... Two modes are jumping into the mix, with 3v3 Gunfight and 20-Player Attack of the Undead. They are both pretty self-explanatory so we won't get too deep into this...

Blitz in Battle Royale!

Yeah, that's right, all you buggers! There is a brand-new mode in Battle Royale, which will be a 40-player variant. It's super-fast too, about 10 minutes long, and is pretty intense, if we do say so ourselves. This one is surprisingly short for a Battle-Royale, but still pretty cool, and gives you a very different tactical style.

CoD Mobile Launch Art
CoD Mobile is introducing a bunch of new content in Season 1! Check it out! (Credit: Activision)


That...might imply our excitement is insanely high. At the risk of sounding a bit dorky, that's actually kind of true. CoD Mobile events are always super fun and super creative, and in the Fight for Humanity event, which is arriving in Season 1, there will be some sweet rewards coming up.

Anyway, if you want more details on these additions to Call of Duty Mobile in Season 1, check out the official blog post from Activision. Also, we'll be keeping you super up-to-date with our Earliest of EarlyGame content. Season 1 might be everything wrong with gaming name-conventions, but snark aside, it looks really bloody great!

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