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Call of Duty League 2021 Details Announced!

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Call of Duty League 2021 is coming up, and the first details have just been announced! (Credit: Call of Duty League / Activision)

Call of Duty League 2021 is coming up, and the first details have now dropped in a Call of Duty Blog post! The launch pack trailer, along with its subsequent explain video comes with a plethora of exciting news and announcements that detail exactly what to expect in the latest installment of CoD's premier eSports league.

The announcement comes with a promise for an exciting new season of Call of Duty League, filled with entertainment, challenges, and drama that will surely glue us to our seats! Spectators can view the action online, and are already being treated to an awesome launch pack! We will all be cheering for our favorite teams and players as they battle it out to make it into the Call of Duty League's post-season.

Check out Call of Duty League's launch-pack announcement trailer! (Source: Call of Duty League via YouTube)

Call of Duty League is back! In 2021, the league will feature 12 teams across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The teams will enter tournaments to fight for the championship, all 12 competing to claim victory in the 5 Majors that will be featured across the season.

Classic tournaments are making their way back into the league, with home-series events seeding groups towards eligibility in each of the Majors. It's exciting stuff, and we think that we'll spent plenty of time in the office watching the teams take each other on in intense 5v5 matches, slowly inching closer and closer to becoming one of the 8 teams to qualify for the post-season.

The details are explained in this announcement video!

Here is the exciting explainer video that shows exactly how Call of Duty League will work in 2021! (Source: Call of Duty League via YouTube)

But What's the Launch Pack?

We're glad you asked! The launch pack is some special content you can get access to in the lead up to this exciting new season of Call of Duty League. That first video detailed everything, but for more clarity, here's what's included:

  • 2 new kick-ass Operator Skins.
  • New stickers, and they look pretty cool too!
  • New calling cards and emblems

The new calling cards include Ego Chall and It's My Year, and everything looks pretty awesome. EVEN BETTER: it's all available now!

Well, with another year comes another Call of Duty League! And what a better way to say "G'day, folks" than a pretty sweet launch pack?

We are pretty psyched for the new season, can't wait 'til it kicks off, and will keep you all up to date right here at EarlyGame! In the meantime, maybe jump into Season 1 and have some good ol' fun these holidays. Do it for us, will ya?


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