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Call of Duty Free Holiday Bundle

Call of Duty
Cod christmas bundle

But what's inside the CoD bundle? (Image Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty/Activision wishes you happy holidays by giving away this Free Holiday Bundle. Here’s how you claim it and what’s inside it

Don’t you just love it when you get free stuff? Doesn’t even matter what it is – as long as it’s free, it’s good.

In fact, what’s in the Free Holiday Bundle for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is not just free, but pretty cool too!


Free Holiday Bundle

LOOK AT THAT SNOWMAN! IT'S SO CUTE! (Image Credit: Call of Duty News Twitter)

In the Free Holiday Bundle you get:

  • Frozen Chosen Skin for the M82 Sniper Rifle
  • Winter Assault Calling Card
  • Lil’ Snowman Charm
  • Jingle Bell Charm
  • Melting Bomb Emblem

How to claim the Free Holiday Bundle:

It’s seriously so simple this time, you can’t really miss it.

Simply log into CoD: Black Ops Cold War and select the Multiplayer. A pop-up will come up to inform you of the Free Holiday Bundle and all you now have to do is accept it.

That’s it. Seriously. Nothing else for you to do.

There are also two more Christmas Packs for Black Ops Cold War, but these are unfortunately not free. If you are still interested though, we got them here for you as well!

The Mistletoe Meetup Bundle (1,400 COD Points)

Mistletoe meetup bundle

We love ugly Christmas sweaters on our operators! (Image Credit: COD Tracker)

The Came to Sleigh Bundle (800 COD Points)

Came to sleigh bundle

These charms are driving me NUTS. (Image Credit: COD Tracker)

So, are you going to settle for the Free Holiday Bundle or do you like the Mistletoe Meetup Bundle or the Came to Sleigh Bundle more? Which one will you choose? Tell us on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and stick around on EarlyGame for content even during the holidays!

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