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O Donny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...

Call of Duty Capitol: Scary Close to Reality

Call of Duty

It might be from glen to glen, but it’s not really a mountain that Donald Trump supporters climbed on Wednesday. The recent events in Washington, DC have spurred a different song in the gaming community, with players flocking to Modern Warfare 2’s White House and Capitol Warfare levels. The pipes are calling, indeed.

Call of Duty Capitol is indeed trending, and that’s because those levels have got surprisingly real in recent days, with Donald Trump supporter’s breach of the Capitol Building on Wednesday. The events may have shocked the world, but they have definitely brought some pretty interesting levels from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 back into the spotlight.

Call of duty capitol white house
Invade the White House in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! (Credit: Activision)

Ironically, the game received a very average remaster, only in 2020! We understand that to say ‘very average’ is a bit of an oxymoron, but perhaps ‘painfully’ average is the better term? Whatever: it was a disappointment principally because of how classic the original was.

In said disappointment, the missions “Second Sun” and “Whiskey Hotel” take place in the streets of Washington DC, and then in the halls of the White House. Across the ruined city, you see both the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building sustaining serious damage. Like for real, that building’s on fire!

Now, don’t get too excited. You won’t be heading over to the Capitol Building itself, and certainly not chilling in Nancy Pelosi’s office. You can see it from a distance in the mission “On Their Own Accord”, and it’s on fire (wait, we already said that). Probably for the best, we guess, best to stay out of jail – let's shoot our way through the virtual White House instead.

It’s not surprising that tons of people are replaying these levels, and exploring an alternative reality. The events of this week are now very much in the public’s attention, for many people it’s all that they can talk about. It doesn’t even seem to matter to most gamers that you don’t even go to the Capitol Building. Seeing it burning was scary enough!

US Capitol Building CoD
The US Government Capitol Building was overrun by Trump supporters on Wednesday. (Credit: GiantBomb)

Call of Duty has often played around with real-world events in the past. With Black Ops Cold War they covered... you guessed it! The Cold War. With World War II, they covered World War II. Apart from their very creative naming strategies, they have a habit of incorporating these elements into their games. Still, though, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is way too long a title for a game, what the f**k?

But we’re getting carried away again, you should check out Modern Warfare 2, the remaster was a bit of a disappointment, but it’s still a great game, and right now quite a frightening world to inhabit. It might be from 2009, but it is still one of the best Call of Duty campaigns in history.

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