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No reason not to use this assault rifle

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War QBZ-83 Setup Guide – An Underrated Gem

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War QBZ-83 Setup Guide
The QBZ-83 is criminally underrated. (Credit: Activision)

In our regular setup guides, we introduce you to the best attachments for each weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This time we take a look at a weapon most players overlook: the QBZ-83.

We've already covered all the assault rifles available in Black Ops Cold War at the time of writing, except for the QBZ-83, so let's move on to the last rifle in the class.

The QBZ-83 is unlocked at level 31 and ignored by most players as it is overshadowed by the far more popular XM4, AK-47 and Krig 6. In factuality, it is probably one of the most underrated weapons in BOCW.

Its values make it an excellent all-rounder with very good mobility for an assault rifle. Overall, the QBZ-83 behaves a bit like an SMG with better range. It's agile, has a fairly high rate of fire, higher bullet speed than the AK-47 and XM4 and the best ADS-speed in its class. If you were a fan of the FFAR 1 before the nerf made it almost unplayable, this is a good alternative.

QBZ-83 Setup

With these attachments we control the initially somewhat erratic recoil and improve the strengths of the weapon:

  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator
  • Barrel: 15.5" Reinforced Heavy
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Magazine: 40-round drum
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

With the SOCOM-Eliminator we get 85% muzzle flash shielding and 17% less vertical recoil. The reinforced barrel increases the range by 100% and the projectile acceleration by 40%, which makes the QBZ very powerful even at longer ranges.

We go for the regular foregrip, which reduces the horizontal recoil by 15% without bringing any disadvantages. That way we keep our mobility. The airborne elastic wrap increases the ADS-speed by 30% and the twitch resistance by 90%. This allows us to aim extremely fast and take precise aim even under fire.

Finally, we opt for a larger magazine, but the looter stock is also a good choice if you want even more mobility and play the QBZ-83 as a run-and-gun weapon.

If you're among those neglecting the gun, now's the time to stop! Give it a go and let us now how it went on our Facebook, Twitter or Discord.

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