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Snipers get a new mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Playlist Update Preliminary Notes

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BOCW Playlist Update
Preliminary update notes don't say anything about Warzone. (Credit: Activision)

There is a playlist update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone every Thursday, and we bring you up to speed on what's coming to the game. This week is no exception. It's not Thursday yet, you might say? Doesn't matter, we already know what to expect from the new update.

Activision have a good habit of letting us know in advance what the new playlist update is going to contain. When the actual patch releases, we'll update this article with any additional new information that might come along. Most, if not all of the content, is already clear though.

The only trick is that nothing new has been announced for Warzone. It's unlikely that Activision will leave the Battle Royale without an update, so tune back in tomorrow for that. Here is what to expect in Black Ops Cold War.

Playlist Update

Black Ops Cold War

  • Snipers Only Moshpit is still live and part of the Quick Playlist.
  • According to Activision's blog, 3v3 Gunfight Snipers Only is also coming this week. Two teams of three players each compete on the small maps Game Show, ICBM, KGB and Subway using only sniper rifles. At the time of writing, however, the playlist is not yet live.
  • The popular playlists Nuketown 24/7, Face Off and Prop Hunt will continue.


  • Buy Back Quads are back in Verdansk. So make sure to always collect enough cash.
  • Plunder Blood Money Trios are back and replace Blood Money Quads.
  • Resurgence Trios are coming for Rebirth Island. Resurgence Duos have been removed.
  • Mini Royale Quads have been removed.
BOCW Tracer Pack Rouge Bundle
Who's afraid of spiders?! (Credit:


Two bundles come with this playlist update.

The Tracer Pack: Rouge Bundle brings some color back to the battlefield. This bundle contains the Widowmaker blueprint for the MP5 and the Entanglement blueprint for the Type 63. Both blueprints come with red tracer fire. Additionally, there is the Shadow Skin for Operator Portnova, a fancy spider weapon tag, and a matching emblem.

BOCW Deadly Grip Bundle
Those weapons skins ooze classic. (Credit:

The second bundle is called Deadly Grip and brings some 80s flair to the game. The bundle includes the Covert Skin for Operator Sims, the Mahogany Blueprint for the Milano 821, and the Chestnut Blueprint for the Hauer 77. There is also a finishing move, a calling card, two stickers, an emblem and a weapon tag.

That's what's been revealed ahead of time. When the real thing arrives, we're going to update the stuff into this article.

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