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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: 33% DISCOUNT

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Hard to believe: Black Ops Cold War is already available significantly cheaper right now. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The new Black Ops Cold War is currently available for PC at up to 33% off in the store until January. We somehow feel that the console users were left behind.

Yes, that's right, Call of Duty is currently available for less! Normally, Call of Duty titles are known for being sold at full price even after several years, so no one was surprised that there were no Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for Black Ops Cold War.

BOCW sale battle net

BOCW is reduced by up to 33%. That is a difference of 20€ after all. (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

But now at least PC players are in luck. Black Ops Cold War is significantly reduced in the Store until January 11. The Standard Edition is 33% off, the Ultimate Edition is 22% off. Only the Standard Edition is left out, as the upgrade to the Ultimate Edition is not cheaper.

If you've been holding back until now and prefer to stick with Modern Warfare, but would still like to try Black Ops Cold War, now's your chance. Whether as a Christmas gift or after Christmas to get you through the holidays, 39.99€ is an incredible deal for a brand-new Call of Duty.

For the perfect start, we have all the tips and tricks, the best weapons, and of course the matching setup guides for you.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.

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