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Who else hates the Riot Shield?

Call of Duty – Best Riot Shield Troll Setup

Call of Duty
CoD Riot Shield
Image Source: Activision

We regularly provide the best weapon setup guides for Call of Duty. But today we have something new – we present one of the most annoying setups to troll in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Everybody who is new to Call of Duty or has taken a long break and wants to know what the current weapon meta is. You may be interested in these guides so look at our weapon setups, like this one:

Today we want to introduce you to a special troll setup – a setup that every CoD player has probably already encountered and which has probably driven them crazy.

Riot Shield-Troll-Setup

We all know the much-hated Riot Shield. A huge shield that can´t be penetrated by bullets and can even fend off some killstreaks. Paired with the most annoying choices from all other categories, you can really get on your opponents' nerves with this setup, especially on smaller maps.

Riot Shield Troll Setup
This setup will drive your enemies crazy. (Image Source: Activision)
  • Primary Weapon: Riot Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: Kali Sticks
  • Lethal: C4
  • Tactical: Gas Grenade
  • Perks: E.O.D., Ghost, Shrapnel

How to play this setup? Run! Always keep moving! The Riot Shield on your back keeps you from getting shot from behind. If you want to take or defend an objective or have to face an enemy head-on, you can hide behind it. The Kali Sticks have an enormous range and make your opponent flinch with every hit so they practically have no chance of hitting you. C4 has always been annoying and that's why it has been nerfed already. Despite the much shorter throwing range it is still very strong, especially in multiplayer, and can be placed in bottlenecks or thrown over cover. With the perk Shrapnel you also start with an additional C4 charge. The Gas Grenade doesn’t cause much damage, but it is incredibly annoying because it has quite a large radius and can block whole parts of the map for a short period of time. The perk E.O.D. reduces damage from explosions and fire, so you are well prepared against grenades and the perk Ghost will hide you from UAVs, Radar Drones and Heartbeat Sensors.

Here you can see how the setup, with a throwing knife, works:

Feel free to try our troll setup yourself, but expect a lot of hate in the chat.

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