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Another day, another leak...

Call of Duty 2021 Leak Suggests WW2 Setting

Call of Duty
CoD 2021 WW2
Call of Duty could be going back to its roots in 2021 - WW2! (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty 2021 will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and could possibly have a World War 2 setting. The move would be unsurprising, given that Sledgehammer Games were responsible for the 2017 game Call of Duty: WW2. With many rumors circling, could this be the most likely?

It seems inevitable that we will be writing about yet another Call of Duty 2021 ‘leak’ that will suggest a SHOCK HORROR new setting for this year's entry. This one isn't so shocking, however, with WW2 as Call of Duty 2021's setting not being particularly controversial due to Sledgehammer Games’ past.

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Likely to be released in late 2021, the next Call of Duty could potentially have a World War 2 setting. HOLY S**T! That's not surprising at all! Isn't it being developed by the same guys who made a game that was literally called ‘Call of Duty: World War 2’ back in 2017? Yep! Well, apparently people are talking about this...

The latest leak to come out of Twitter is from Victor__Z, who tweeted a few times, with some details on the next CoD 2021. One tweet was literally just a poster from 2017's WW2, and in a separate tweet, literally just three digits: WW2. Jeez, gaming can be weird sometimes...

Since we're just showing you some random Tweets right now, here's another one:

Well, there you have it, the next leak for Call of Duty 2021. Pretty basic, right? Well, Victor__Z is known for leaking relatively accurate information, and sometimes gets some things weirdly right. So, maybe this could be weirdly right? Well, it wouldn't be 'really’ right, because this is a pretty obvious idea...

Anyway, enjoy Twitter, try to enjoy Black Ops Cold War (good luck with that), and have fun in Warzone (yeah, not going to happen). Keep your pants on, though, because it might be a little while until the next CoD gets announced. Don't worry, it'll happen, you've just got to be patient!


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