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Bunkers go ‘kaboom’, could this be Verdansk's ‘kaDOOM'?

These Bunkers Have Disappeared in Warzone Season 2...

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CoD Warzone Bunker 11
What could have caused these Bunkers to shut down...? (Credit: Activision)

We're missing bunkers! With Season 2's explosion onto our collective television screens taking our beloved Warzone to new levels, there have been a couple of casualties. Bunkers have been one of the bedrocks of Warzone's growth – teasing and driving our curiosity into new seasons and games. This ain't the end, but a couple seem to have met their ends.

What's so bizarre about Warzone Season 2, is its insistence on both removing content from the game, and adding some. Now, we have lost six bunkers, but three new ones have been added – and they are brilliant! What are the reasons for this, we all ask? Well, there has been a lot of speculation...

bunkers warzone seas
There have been three new bunkers, or missile solos, added in Season 2. (Credit: Activision)

It could be the nuke, or it could be the zombies... well, to be specific, we believe it's both. Six bunker locations have been locked down due to “contamination”, and this is certainly a worrying sign for Verdanskians. Yes, we are aware they are not real people, but surely there are some non-militaries living in those gorgeous rolling hills.

The thing is, if these bunkers (among a couple of other little areas of the map) are contaminated, then it's only a matter of time before the rest of the map becomes a festering petri-dish for...whatever it is. A few weeks ago, we would say maybe something has happened with Nova 6, but now, it's probably something even more sinister...

zombies gif

Recent leaks have suggested that Zombies will be infecting Verdansk any day now. The leaks are even more convincing considering all of these ‘contamination zones’ around Verdansk, and that mysterious ship that is off the coast. We are pretty excited to find out, because this could be the prelude to the end.

The end is nigh for sure – all the leaks are pointing that way. March could be one last hurrah, because it looks like it will be the last month set in Verdansk. If these outbreaks are zombie-related, perhaps that could be what all of these nuke-related-mysteries have been suggesting... for months now.

OK, so... Which Bunkers Were Closed Down?

That's where we get to the bunkers: Bunkers 00, 04, 05, 06, 09, and 11 are now closed. Apparently, they are contaminated. The most interesting question we are going to throw your way is: Bunker 11 is included in the closures; will this be linked to the nuclear event?

Warzone Prison Shack Bunker
There have been many fantastic bunkers over Warzone's first year! (Credit: Activision)

Our theory is that Bunker 11 will be the cause of the explosion. There are two possibilities for this: the first is that the Zombies have invaded Bunker 11, and perhaps they will set off the nuke themselves. The second, is that the nuclear panel in the Park Bunker is an alternative command center... and could be used to order the destination.

Either way, a couple of bunkers are gone, and the mysteries just keep coming...


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