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Another week, another leak. Another leak, another map...

Huge Leaks for BOCW Zombies & New “Spusk Stali” Map

Call of Duty
BOCW Zombies
Black Ops Cold War could be receiving an unprecedented amount of new content, according to recent leaks. (Credit: Activision)

Major Twitter Call of Duty leakers leaked new Zombies content that could be coming to Black Ops Cold War in the coming months. What's most exciting is the new "Spusk Stali” map that was leaked, potentially taking place in a Russian mountain facility.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now well and truly past its mid-season update and heading full-throttle towards Season 2. With the launch of two new maps coming up on February 4, there is already speculation about what could be coming after Express and Firebase Z grace our television screens.

BOCW Zombies barbed wire
There are some pretty gross zombies out there for you to take down. Better get on with it, then! (Credit: Activision)

As we said in our unbelievably cheesy tag-line, another week another leak. Sorry, we're not done yet: another leak, another map. That's right! New Zombies content was leaked by some previously reliable leakers on Twitter. In a series of Tweets, these were revealed to be quite extensive indeed.

One of the biggest reveals is potentially that the Season 2 Battle Pass will include Zombies content. Pretty awesome to think that Treyarch might actually provide some solid content for Zombies fans, instead of the usual lip-servicey changes and bulls**t maps every now-and-again.

Perhaps the next biggest reveal, was that there could be a new Zombies Map called “Spusk Stali” set in a Russian Facility on a snowy mountain glacier. We've been talking about Ural Mountains for months now, so it is pretty exciting to think about more contents in similar locations.

If this leak ends up being true, we'll be super interested to see if it will be in the Ural Mountains setting, or if that is just a red-herring. Keep in mind that these leaks are entirely uncertain at this stage, with one of the original leakers already telling us to take them “with a grain of salt”, saying that perhaps they should have waited longer before leaking the information.

That's right, the leak is not verifiable, but still had some absolutely fascinating and exciting content, that we sure-as-hell hope is true. Another map could potentially be one set in the 1980's East THAT would be cool! There may also be more Zombies Remakes coming! There was just so much leaked...

So much leaked, so much unverified. We reiterate again: UNVERIFIED. This could all be 100% wrong. This could all be a huge hoax: FAKE NEWS. Or maybe not, we're not sure. Either way, we hope that it is true! And we also hope that you are enjoying Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1. Keep in mind: a lot of the leaks came true in Season 1, so... there could be hope.

One explanation was given by tweeter @CoDPerseus, who claimed that perhaps the positive reception that Treyarch's latest Zombies mode has had with BOCW, could explain this sudden burst of content and support. This is something that has otherwise been missing in the past.

Oh, and one last thing: Firebase Z could be split into two parts. That's pretty cool! Boy oh boy, though, so much content could be coming, and we couldn't be more excited. Those peeps who may have participated in the Free Zombies Week: We hope you picked up the game now, because there's one thing that is absolutely certain: there is so much to look forward to in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's 2021 roadmap!

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