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What is coming to BOCW Zombies in Season 6? We take a look at the teasers and what we expect will arrive when BOCW Zombies Season 6 rolls around the bend...
bocw zombies season 6
Treyarch have released a variety of teasers for Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season 6... | © Activision

Treyarch Studios have released a number Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season 6 teasers. The teasers reveal a few narrative details about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season 6, which will probably be the last batch of seasonal content before Call of Duty: Vanguard drops on November 5. Here's everything about BOCW Zombies's first Season 6 teasers...

It is true that Season 5 has not been the highest point for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. It has been understandable, with Raven Software hard at work on Warzone's new Pacific Map, and Treyarch busy with Vanguard's Zombies mode as well as their next full CoD game (we assume). Black Ops Cold War was never the most popular Call of Duty game, and will quickly be falling off its ledge once Call of Duty: Vanguard drops.

That being said, Treyarch in particular will want Black Ops Cold War Season 6 to shine like a diamond, seeing out their latest Call of Duty game in style. They've now teased the first Zombies story details for BOCW Season 6, even announcing the new Operation First Domino, so let's take a look...

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Zombies Teaser

Treyarch have teased story details for Black Ops Cold War Season 6's Zombies content. It seems that our target will be Sergeant Kamimir Zykov, who sacrificed himself to shut down the particle accelerator at Projekt Endstation. Let's be real, though, you don't want to read our summary. You want to hear it from the horse's mouth...

The message has been sent from Weaver in 1985, and it seems that Omega is going after Zykov, to stop him from closing the portal forty years earlier. Our mission will be to locate and extract him before Omega can, as he is a critical asset that must not be lost.

Zykov is the single most important intelligence asset Requiem has encountered. He has unparalleled knowledge about the Dark Aether and he knows how to defeat the Forsaken... If Kravchenko succeeds and takes him into custody, then we lose Zykov for good.

This is scary, scary stuff, and a very exciting premise for what will likely be our final piece of Black Ops Cold War Zombies content. Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 6 will be the last season for this era of Call of Duty, before Call of Duty: Vanguard drops on November 5. Whilst many have a problem with BOCW, we can't deny that its Zombies mode was one of the best in the series. We can't wait to see what Treyarch does next in Call of Duty: Vanguard's Zombies mode...

[UPDATE: September 17, 2021]

Second BOCW Zombies Season 6 Teaser Announces "Operation First Domino"

Treyarch have now released a second Teaser for Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season 6, revealing Operation First Domino. Maxis is being sent on the operation – probably the same as what was revealed in the first Teaser. Here's the teaser:

So it seems that the quest to stop Kravchenko from seizing Zykov is called "Operation First Domino". The CIA document provided in the second leak definitely suggests that Maxis will be participating in the operation. Requiem's Senior Staff clearly feel connected to Maxis, as The Director of the CIA acknowledged "what she has mean to you" ("you" being directed at the Senior Staff).

After consulting with Doctor Grey and Officer Weaver. I have decided to approve Maxis for Operation First Domino. Over the last several months, she has learned much about her powers – and how to control them. She is ready.

Well, there you go. The CIA feels that Maxis will fulfil her obligations, and help in Operation First Domino. This second BOCW Zombies Season 6 Teaser continues to reveal more and more about what we can expect from Black Ops Cold War's Zombies finale.

[UPDATE: September 22, 2021]

Treyarch Tease New Zombie Variants in BOCW Season 6

Treyarch have teased at least one new Zombie variant in their most recent cryptic teaser tweet for BOCW Zombies Season 6. As described above, the Black Ops Cold War developers have been hard at work on the game's sixth, and most likely last, season. What will these new Zombie variants be? They said that "new horrors have emerged from the Dark Aether". What does this mean, what can we expect? We'll have to wait and see...

[UPDATE: September 27, 2021]

New Intel Coming this Week, and Treyarch Confirms New Zombies Map in Season 6

Treyarch have confirmed that a new round-based BOCW Zombies map will be added in Season 6. In their latest tweet, the developers announced that new information will be coming later this week on what will come to Black Ops Cold War's Zombies Season 6. The teaser also includes a reference to a new "authentic Dark Aether weapon" that might be coming. We will begin receiving new information on this final round-based BOCW Zombies map tomorrow, September 28.

[UPDATE: September 29, 2021]

New BOCW Zombies Map "Forsaken" Announced for Season 6

Treyarch Studios have announced that BOCW Zombies' new round-based map will be called Forsaken. The new map will join us in Season 6, and will be the final round-based Black Ops Cold War Zombies map to come before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5. Season 6 of BOCW and Warzone is due out on October 7, 2021. We'll keep you updated on everything we know about BOCW Zombies' Forsaken Season 6 Map.

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