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"This is the only way"... new Zombies content in BOCW Season 3: Reloaded!

New Zombies Content Teased for BOCW Season 3: Reloaded

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bocw season 3: reloaded zombies
There is new Zombies content coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 3: Reloaded! (Credit: Activision)

Not a whole lot is known about Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3: Reloaded. At least, not much is confirmed. We do know that new Zombies and Outbreak content is coming to BOCW, with Treyarch teasing new Zombies content in a recent Tweet. Let's take a look at everything we know about BOCW Zombies in Season 3: Reloaded.

Teasers have been appearing in Outbreak for a little while, teasing unknown new content for both BOCW Zombies and Outbreak in Season 3: Reloaded. In typical Treyarch fashion, all of the teasers are rather cryptic, and a little bit confusing. Is that such a bad thing? No, not really. To be honest, this whole Season 3: Reloaded thing is making us moister than a metaphysical oyster!

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The most recent teaser for BOCW Season 3: Reloaded Zombies comes in the form of a seriously confusing letter, the meaning of which we are unsure. I mean, seriously, can you make sense of this?

He fears Requiem's "Bureaucracy" will slow their response... and that it will come too late. I made a promise to him... for the good of us all. Requiem is not who I am.

What is Requiem? Who wrote this note? Could this note be teasing a new location in Outbreak? Or a new Zombies map? We expect the former, and one thing we can say is this: the note suggests that we could be seeing more story-based content in BOCW Season 3: Reloaded Zombies!

If you want to read the letter from Treyarch in full, check it out in the below Tweet...

Is There New Zombies Content in BOCW Season 3: Reloaded?

Yes, there will be new Zombies content in BOCW Season 3: Reloaded. If there wasn't then Treyarch would not be teasing new Zombies content, silly! We just don't know what that new content will be!

What is the BOCW Season 3: Reloaded Zombies Release Date?

The new BOCW Season 3: Reloaded Zombies content will release alongside Season 3: Reloaded on May 20. The mid-season update will also feature a 1980s theme, as well as famous 80s characters such as Rambo and John McClane from Die Hard.

We will continue to update this article as more information about BOCW Season 3: Reloaded Zombies becomes available!


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