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A bit later than expected...

BOCW Zombies: Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest Starts Today

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BOCW Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest
The new BOCW Zombies map Firebase Z gets an Easter Egg Quest tonight! (Credit: Activision)

The new Firebase Z map is finally available in BOCW Zombies. Fans are excited about the new map, and rightfully so! However, one core element was unfortunately missing, until now – the Easter Egg Quest! Today, the Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest goes live in BOCW Zombies, and you can find all the info about it here.

The Firebase Z map was part of the latest BOCW Update 1.11, which was released on Wednesday, and which we've covered (just for you) in detail!

Treyarch originally announced that the Firebase Z Easter Egg quest would not be available immediately upon the map's release. This is in order to give players a chance to attack the quest at the same time, and according to our knowledge, give everyone enough time to get at least somewhat familiar with the new Zombies map.

We've also covered the Firebase Z map in BOCW here before, and Call of Duty Fans are overly excited about it! That's understandable, it's super cool and offers a fantastic scenario. Of course, everyone who was also looking forward to the launch of the Easter Egg Quest has been a tad disappointed. But before you get your pitchforks out – calm down, dear EarlyGamers!

The Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest has been postponed, but only minimally: you'll have to wait a whole hour longer before you can rage around the new zombie's map and experience the hilarious story. The Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest will be available for everyone at 19:00 CET.

So, tonight the Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest in Black Ops Cold War Zombies finally kicks off. Call of Duty Zombies is always full of hilarious Easter Eggs, and the quests are an absolute highlight every time, so we're really looking forward to it! Are you looking forward to hunting down the Easter Eggs? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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Original article by Faris Delalic.