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BOCW Zombies Guide: The Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest

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BOCW Guide Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest
Do you need help finishing the Firebase Easter Egg Quest? Well, don’t look any further (Credit: Activision)

Do you have trouble finishing the Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest in BOCW Zombies? Don’t worry, we will cover EVERYTHING there is to know about this quest. Welcome, to the ultimate BOCW zombies Firebase Easter Egg Quest.

Finally! On Friday Treyarch added the Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest to BOCW Zombies and it’s f**king fantastic. But as is often the case with Easter-Egg quests, it’s pretty hard and slightly confusing. But fret not, my friends for we at EarlyGame have come to earth to solve all your problems. Well, not ALL your problems, but at least the ones regarding this quest.

BOCW Zombies Firebase Easter Egg Quest: First Steps

If you are a veteran at solving zombie easter eggs you already know what to do. If not: Start by turning on the electricity. Then activate the pack-a-punch machine. To do that you first have to go to the atrium and talk to Ravenov. He will tell you about a portal you’ll need to use. It’s located in the Equipment Storage and you need 1.250 points to unlock it. Trust me you can’t miss the portal, you just can’t…

BOCW Guide Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest Teleporter
It’s like a bonfire. If you miss it, that must mean you are blind, right? (Credit: Activision/IGN)

The portal will transport you to an Omega facility. To proceed you’ll need to activate three Aether-reactors each costing 500 points.

  • The first reactor is in Mission Control.
  • The second reactor is in Military Command.
  • The last reactor is in the Data Center.

As soon as you have activated all three of them, you can use Ravenovs pack-a-punch machine to upgrade your weapons.

BOCW Zombies Firebase Easter Egg Quest: R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon

The next step sounds simple: get the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon! But it’s easier said than done. You will have to choose one of three methods to get the boom-stick.

  • Use the mystery box until you get the Wonder Weapon. Extremely unlikely and probably to expensive for your broke ass.
  • Fulfill challenges that potentially grant you the weapon
  • Collect all the blueprints necessary to craft the R.A.I. K-84

The last method is probably the cheapest and most reliable of the three. Of course, we will show you what you need to do! You’ll need blueprints and gear:

  1. Go to the weapons lab and pick up the blueprint hanging on the wall.
  2. Find Kuhlklay’s eye in the scorched defense area next to the burning tank. Scan the damned thing at your computer in the weapons lab and you’ll get the locker key.
  3. Use the key to open lockers until a mimic spawns. Kill it to collect the barrel assembly item.
  4. For this step you NEED a single-fire gun. Listen carefully, as it gets quite complicated now: Use the computer in the lab again. A spinning radar will appear and stop at three random locations. These locations are different for each player, so memorize them well. Now go to the Mess Hall located left of the atrium. There you will find a dartboard. Shoot at the numbers corresponding with the locations you have memorized and then hit the bullseye. We know it sounds like an elaborate prank, but it works, trust us! If you followed every step correctly, a hidden compartment containing the second part of the R.A.I. K-84 will open.
  5. Almost done! You only need one more part to complete the Wonder Weapon. The power cell! To obtain it you must kill a Mangler, a mini-boss spawning in round 15.
  6. You now have all the necessary items to craft the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon. Congrats, you are now the proud owner of one of the coolest weapons in all of BOCW zombies!
BOCW Guide Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest Radar
Remember the locations of the radar, or else… (Quelle: Activision/IGN)

BOCW Zombies Firebase Easter egg Quest: Dr. Peck, the Gas and the Mimics

This title sound like a terrible cartoon from the 90s, but it’s the next step on your path to complete the easter egg quest. So, go talk to Dr. Peck, by using the device in mission control. Afterwards, Ravenov will give you an ID. But you won’t just use it to buy spirits or other drugs… You will need it to collect three canisters of serum in the following places:

  • Equipment storage: downstairs
  • Colonel’s office: in the locker next to the desk
  • Engineering: underneath Mission Control

Now to the gas and Mimic part of the heading:

  1. After collecting all three canisters, go to the field hospital to use the chemical mixer.
  2. Take the item go to the OPC above mission control. And place it on the air conditioner unit.
  3. Now go back to Mission Control and talk to Dr. Peck. After a short cutscene you will have to make your way to the data center again. Use the memory transference station and pick up four essence traps.
  4. Now go capture 3 Mimics. We can’t help you with that, sorry. If you actually manage to do that, go back to the memory transference station. And put the essence trap into the machine. (We recommend looking for Mimics in the following spots: motor pool, Colonel’s office, or Pecks quarters).
  5. After delivering three traps you will get a disk. You know, the old-school ones.
BOCW Guide Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest Mimics
In case you forgot, that’s what a Mimic looks like. Yuck! (Quelle: Activision)

BOCW Zombies Firebase Easter egg Quest: Unlock the OCP & Collect Aether

With the disk in hand, head to the planning offices located above the Engineering Room. Find the computer located by the windows. Insert the disk into the computer to open the doors that lead to the OPC. Once inside, wait until the dialogue stops and watch as an anomaly appears. Return to Mission Control and talk to Dr. Peck, who will close the shutters. Afterwards, Ravenov will give you a code to open a nearby locker to the left of Peck's window to retrieve the Aether-meter.

Head to Scorched Defense. Go into the left bunker building and you will find a shovel leaning against the wall. Use the shovel, to collect three aether-containers buried all over the map and place them in three different aether-reactors.

You can find the aether-containers in the following areas:

  • Open Lot: In the corner of the open lot, you will find the container near the window of the Engineering building. When you dig it up, several fake containers spawn in the area. To find the right container, look for the one that doesn't have black smoke coming out of the crystal. You can place this container in the aether-reactor in Mission Control.
  • Jungle Defense: At the end of the path, you will find the aether container at the edge of the map. You can place this container in the aether-reactor in Military Command.
  • Barracks: You will find the last aether-container in the corner to the right of the field hospital, not far from the stairs leading to the data center. The container will flee from you, so you'll have to shoot it with the Miracle Weapon's alternate fire mode to stop it. You can place this container in the aether-reactor in the Data Center.

When you have collected all three aether-containers and placed them in the aether-reactors, return to the anomaly in the OPC and watch the short cutscene.

BOCW Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest: Align the Satellite

You’ll now have to wait for a call before proceeding. This may take a round or two, so make yourself a cup of tea first.

Okay, we're refreshed, and we got the call. As instructed, go to the planning offices and find the desk where a computer and monitor hang on the wall. Interact with the computer and begin aligning the satellite.

  • WARNING: We are approaching the final boss fight in leaps and bounds. So, before you finish the satellite puzzle, make sure you are as prepared as possible! Okay, on to the satellite!

To complete the satellite puzzle, simply move the white dot over the glowing yellow dots. In the lower right corner, you will see a flag for each yellow dot. You will notice that one particular yellow dot contains a "?" instead. Interact with this yellow dot to align the satellite. After you have aligned the satellite, you will notice that a bright red beam shines above the map.

BOCW Guide Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest Satellit
That’s the yellow dot you have to interact with. (Quelle: Activision/IGN)

BOCW Zombies Firebase Z Easter Egg Quest: The Grand Finale vs. Orda

Once you're ready, head to the OPC and interact with the computer terminal located to the right of the entrance to start a cutscene. And now it's finally time for the grand finale, the big fight against ORDAAAAA.

Orda is similar to the zombie boss that spawns in wave 30. So, if you managed to successfully fight that boss, you will be well-prepared for the following battle. A few small tips for the fight against Orda:

  • It will get hectic very quickly, so be prepared to control the zombie masses with baits and monkey bombs.
  • Orda has several dangerous attacks, but be extra careful and make sure to avoid his one-hit slam attack at all costs. As soon as he raises his hands, you should retreat.
  • Orda's weak points are displayed when he attacks, so fire at his red glowing holes with your best weapons.

After defeating Orda, you'll see the final cutscene and you'll have successfully completed the Firebase Z Easter Egg quest. Congratulations!

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