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BOCW & Warzone Playlist Update Adds a Shovel as Melee Weapon

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BOCW & Warzone Playlist Update March 11
The new BOCW & Warzone playlist update's most exciting patch note is a shovel. (Credit: Activision)

As always, there is a fresh playlist for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War this week. Let's see what the weekly update brings after the long awaited event in Warzone turned out to be rather... small.

Warzone is celebrating its first birthday and we were all eagerly awaiting March 11 when, according to countless leakers, something big was supposed to happen. Then it happened: The Zombies moved to Verdansk. That's it. Yup...

Let's see if this playlist update can offer something to alleviate our disappointment a little.

BOCW & Warzone Playlist Update Notes

Black Ops Cold War Updates


  • In St. Patrick's Stockpile, slain enemies drop shamrocks that must be collected and turned in at a designated zone.
  • Prop Hunt is being temporarily removed to expand prop selection and add support for two more maps coming later in Season 2.
  • All other playlists remain the same.

League Play

  • Players ranked 26-50 will receive 1 gem as a reward in the future.
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  • Fixed a bug where players could not load canisters correctly in Outbreak.
  • Dead Wire no longer incorrectly stuns elite enemies.

General Changes

  • Patch notes can now be read in-game in the Message of the Day screen.
  • Weapons in the class editor are now displayed with attachments equipped.
  • A new melee weapon is available as part of a bundle with the E-Tool.
  • Pack-a-Punch upgrades no longer work on the Death Machine.

Warzone Updates

In addition moving the zombies, there are some new playlists in Warzone.

  • King Slayer Trios return to Verdansk.
  • Plunder Trios are replaced by Plunder Quads.
  • Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads are replaced by Resurgence Trios.
  • Exfiltration Trios have been removed.


There are two new bundles in the store as well.The Tool of War bundle contains the new melee weapon: a shovel. There is also a new operator skin for Garcia, a new crosshair, a golden wristband, a weapon pendant and a sticker.

BOCW Tool of War bundle
The Tool of War bundle introduces the new king of BOCW melee weapons: the shovel! (Credit:

The Shamrocked bundle is themed to St. Patrick's Day. It includes an eagle skin, an auto skin, a new finishing move, a weapon tag and 2 level jumps for the Battle Pass.

BOCW Shamrocked Bundle
St. Patrick's Day is honored in the Shamrocked bundle. (Credit:

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.