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Previously, 2x scoop on the head, now only 1x scoop on the head...

BOCW & Warzone Playlist Update March 18: Knife Fight 3v3 & Stockpile

Call of Duty
bocw warzone playlist update 18 march
The latest playlist update boosts the shovel, and brings back normal stockpile. (Credit: Activision)

The weekly Playlist Update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is finally here! The shovel got stronger, and St. Patricks Day is over, what else is new in the March 18 Playlist Update?

As usual, we have the obligatory Playlist Update this week, and as usual, we're breaking it down for you. Besides some new playlists for Warzone and BOCW, this time there are also new maps for League Play and some weapon balancing for the e-tool introduced just last week – we just call it a shovel...

Playlist Update

Black Ops Cold War


  • Stockpile is back, replacing St. Patrick's Stockpile.
  • Knife Fight 3v3 pits you against each other with melee blueprints like machete, e-tool (shovel) or wakizashi.
  • Combined Arms Moshpit is a playlist from Combined Arms: Assault, Hardpoint and Domination.
  • The other playlists will remain.

League Play

  • Crossroads and Garrison have been removed from the map pool.
  • Apocalypse and Express have been added.

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  • Plunder Blood Money Trios is back.
  • Rebirth Island Resurgence Quads replaces Resurgence Trios.
  • Plunder Quads has been removed.
  • King Slayer Trios has been removed.

What Changes to the E-Tool?

The E-Tool (or shovel) now only takes one hit to kill in multiplayer, instead of two. The shovel has proven to be a very popular weapon in Zombies, but was all but useless in multiplayer. Previously, two hits with the shovel were needed to kill a player, from now on the shovel kills with only one hit. Additionally, the speed of the hit, and the movement speed, have been increased a little bit.

So pack your shovel and hit your opponents on the head!


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