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Get Ready to Rumble!

BOCW & Warzone Playlist Update February 11: Warzone Rumble Is Back!

Call of Duty
Warzone Rumble
The popular TDM mode Warzone Rumble is finally back again! (Credit: Activision)

Like every week there is a new playlist update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. With Warzone Rumble in the Sheets and Kiss Confirmed, the playlist update is themed for Valentine's Day. Also, there are some new bundles and double Weapon XP.

As usual, there are new and old playlists for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, as well as some new bundles in the store. There will also be double Weapon-XP throughout the weekend starting tonight. If you don't care about playlists right now because you're grinding your rank in League Play, check this out:

Playlist Update

Black Ops Cold War

For BOCW there is only one new Playlist this week:

  • Kiss Confirmed is just another name for the well-known Kill Confirmed mode. However, up until February 18, we are collecting sugar hearts instead of dog tags.
  • All other playlists will remain for now.


  • With Warzone Rumble, the popular 100-player deathmatch mode is back. Fittingly for Valentine's Day, Raven Software has renamed the playlist to Warzone Rumble in the Sheets.
  • Plunder Trios replaces Plunder Quads and also gets a new name with Love and Plunder Trios.
  • Rebirth Island Resurgence Trios are back again.

What Is Warzone Rumble?

Warzone Rumble is a huge team deathmatch mode on the Battle Royale map Verdansk. Two teams of 50 players each compete against each other and the first team with 400 kills wins. Players start directly with their chosen loadout and there are infinite respawns – just like multiplayer, only much bigger.


Of course, there are new bundles in the store as well. The first one was released to celebrate Chinese New Year and goes by the name Year of the Ox.

BOCW Year of the Ox
We like the Asia-themed weapon skins. (Credit:

It includes the Golden Ox blueprint for the QBZ-83 and the Golden Augx blueprint for the AUG. Both blueprints come with golden tracer ammo. There is also a dragon emblem, charm, and calling card.

But of course, Valentine's Day wasn't forgotten either. With the Top Secret Admirer Bundle it also gets its own bundle.

BOCW Top Secret Admirer
Cupid traded his bow in for some real guns. (Credit:

It includes the Combat Cupid blueprint for the AUG and the Hidden Admiration blueprint for the Pelington 703. Both weapons are pink, of course, and the AUG is even adorned with a small cupid with rather large cannons. Additionally, there is a new finishing move and a cute weapon charm.

That's it again for this week. Are you jumping right into Warzone Rumble or are you currently busy with League Play? Let us know on Facebook or in our Discord!

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