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The Ice Drake gun can fly...

BOCW & Warzone: NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle Available?

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Ice Drake NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle
The Ice drake skin looks really cool. (Credit:

In Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, the new NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle was released. However, the Ice Drake blueprint is causing problems. What is in the bundle, and can you still buy it? We got the answers you're looking for?

Mastercraft bundles in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone include particularly cool weapon skins. Compared to normal bundles, they come out rarely and the camos are usually very elaborately designed. They feature extremely unique designs and often have interactive or moving features.

The ICBRifle from the Rocket Science Mastercraft Bundle, for example, has a working kill tracker. The Ice Drake blueprint in the new NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle also has a lot to offer.

What's in the NecroKing Mastercraft bundle?

The new bundle includes:

  • Ice Drake (Blueprint for the Krig 6)
  • Cold Spear (Blueprint for the M60)
  • Dragon Claw (Weapon charm)
  • Dead Sled (Vehicle skin)
  • Frozen Waste (Calling Card)
  • Necro King (Sticker)
  • Necromancer (Watch)
  • Climactic (Vehicle horn)
NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle
All the contents from the NecroKing Mastercraft Bundles. (Credit:

The main reason – if not the only reason – to get the bundle is of course the Ice Drake blueprint for the Krig 6. It has a damn cool dragon design, somewhat reminiscent of the Elderflame skins from Valorant...

However, the weapon seems to be actually alive... oh, by the way, it can also fly:

Of course, both weapon blueprints also get fancy cryo-tracer fire and the dismemberment effect.

How do I get the NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle?

Well, you can't at the moment! The bundle was only added to the store this weekend, but there were some problems where the dragon skin simply disappeared when attachments were exchanged. Activision, therefore, announced on Twitter that the bundle will be removed from the store again for the time being.

Those who have already purchased the bundle can still use the Ice Drake blueprint normally. However, you should not change anything in the preset attachments, if you want to see the cool dragon skin as well.

Have you managed to get your hands on the Ice Drake blueprint yet? Let us know on Twitter!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.