Let’s end 2020 with some levelling, shall we?

BOCW and Warzone 2XP to Celebrate the New Year

Call of Duty
Bocw and warzone 2xp

2XP for you and you and you and... well, you get it. (Image Credit: Call of Duty News)

To end 2020 properly and to give fans a great start into 2021, Call of Duty will give everyone 2XP. Here are all the details.

When Treyarch announced the playlist update last night, people couldn’t help but voice their disappointment. You didn’t have to scroll far to see people yearning for 2XP rather than new features.

And less than an hour later, this got announced:

Don't miss this chance, guys! (via Twitter)

Damage control or planned gift for fans? We may never know.

But we certainly won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

If you want to level up in BOCW or Warzone or maybe even both, then now is the time to do so. You’ll get 2XP from December 31, 10 AM PT till January 4, 10 AM PT.


Given the fact that you can’t really do much on New Year’s now, might as well make use of the 2XP. At least you’ll have a head start for BOCW and Warzone in 2021 then!

For more Call of Duty Content, stick around on EarlyGame. We’ll continue to be there for you next year!

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