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It's smooching time!

BOCW Kiss-Confirmed Mode & Double XP Coming for Valentine's Day

Call of Duty
call of duty valentine
Not gonna be spending Valentine's with your love? Maybe you should smooch up to some Call of Duty! (Credit: Activision)

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Treyarch are handing us all an XP boost and a new mode this weekend. The reimagined mode, ‘Kiss Confirmed’ will be a celebratory version of Kill Confirmed, where instead of dog tags, you collecting candy hearts. Sounds charming.

In another fit of holiday-hype, Treyarch will be celebrating Valentine's day with ironic creativity this weekend. It's time to say hello to yet another double-XP weekend, along with a not-so-clever adaptation of the classic Kill-Confirmed game mode. You've guessed it, we're talking about the creatively named 'Kiss-Confirmed’.

bill murray uncomfortable

Similar to Modern Warfare's Halloween celebration back in 2020, this Valentine's Day you will see dog tags replaced with Candy Hearts in Kill-Confirmed. It's awkwardly dubbed ‘Kiss-Confirmed’, and it might be the most uncomfortable thing to happen in Call of Duty since Kevin Spacey. Okay, that was a bit harsh, but yes, this is happening apparently.

The reimagined mode will feature hearts instead of dog tags, each with the signature “Be Mine” plastered on the front like a bad love letter. Oof, if that's not making you cringe at least a little bit, then I don't know what will! Holey-moley.

Oh, and we will be getting another double-XP weekend, running from February 12 to February 15 to coincide with Valentine's Day. This way, all of you lonely-bones can get double the experience points as you collect your cheesy-as-f**k hearts! Sounds fun...

There are also a couple new special bundles coming to the game's shop this week, if you enjoy engaging in microtransactions. Check out the ‘Year of the OX’ bundle based on the Lunar New Year, and a Mardi Gras bundle and a ‘Top-Secret Admirer’ bundle for all you sneaky romantics.

Seriously, Treyarch, it's starting to look a little lazy. Get back to fixing Black Ops Cold War, the problems are multiplying. Hopefully we won't suddenly see a whole spate of new bugs come crashing into the already messy game with these couple of additions. We will certainly rage-quit if that happens!


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