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It's time to teleport! Yeah?

New Teleportation Device & Weapons Coming to BOCW Zombies!

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bocw zombies lt53 kazimir Prototype teleportation
Hang on... teleportation is being added to the same CoD Zombies that brought this awesome-monster? Hell yeah! | © Activision

Treyarch have teased some new weapons, and what seems to be a teleportation device called the LT53 Kazimir Prototype for BOCW Zombies, on their official Twitter account. Let's take a look at the new BOCW Zombies teleportation device and weapons!

Yes, you read the headline right. Yes, you read the intro right. A BOCW Zombies Teleportation device is coming! Isn't that exciting? We bet you're jumping for joy – maybe some cool new content for the only good mode in BOCW! If you dropped that seventy bucks, then you're probably pretty happy right now. Okay, let's stop being mean, and get on with the job at hand... what the hell is going on?

Before we figure out what the hell is going on, however, here's the latest Black Ops Cold War news. You know, incase you missed it... Which you probably did. Just read it, okay?

What is the LT53 KazimirBOCW Zombie's new Teleportation Device?

The LT53 Kazimir is BOCW Zombie's new teleportation device, apparently capable of teleporting objects within a small radius. Below you will see the schematic, shared on Treyarch Studio's official Twitter channel, with the hashtag "#MauerDerToten" and the tagline "Time to get tactical". It is pretty curious, and somewhat shows off the way that this new BOCW Zombies teleportation device will work.

Colonel, [I] found this in Peck's Lab. Did you know about this? We could repurpose as weapon. I will keep sharper eye on Peck. He is up to something. – G

How nuts is this? It seems, and is detailed in the schematic, that the LT53 Kazimir Prototype will absorb objects within a small radius and teleport them. If this has been weaponized, then we can't even imagine the crazy possibilities this could provide to BOCW's Zombies mode! A hell of a lot of fun, though, we're pretty bloody sure...

What is the new CRBR-S Weapon in BOCW Zombies?

The CRBR-S seems to be a new binary repeater that will be coming to BOCW Zombies, according to Treyarch's recent teaser. This new "Conversion-ready Binary Repeater" will be a fully automatic handgun, but there also seem to be a few other weapons teased here – weapons that we're not really sure about. To be honest, this is all insanely confusing. It says "Copycat companion sphere provides synchronized support fire" on the schematic, and three other weapons are pictured... See for yourself!

So there may be four new weapons coming to BOCW Zombies, including the CRBR-S, as well as this new LT53 Kazimir Prototype Teleporter. Does this sound insanely exciting? Well, it certainly does to us! A new teleportation device in BOCW Zombies? That sounds insane, and we can't wait to find out more about this, as well as these intriguing new weapons... Stay tuned for more!

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