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BOCW: Sprint Fire Delay Exploit – Shooting in Full Sprint

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BOCW Nuketown fight

The sprint fire delay exploit in Black Ops Cold War could soon make playing Nuketown a living hell. (Image credit: Treyarch)

Less than a month after release, players are already finding and using exploits in Black Ops Cold War. The latest one is the sprint fire delay exploit and it does exactly what the name suggests: it lets you shoot in full sprint without any delay.

Just recently, the popular map Nuketown was added to Black Ops Cold War. The small map offers a lot of fun, especially for fans of continuous action.

The current version of the map, Nuketown '84, could soon become a nightmare for most players. On Reddit, a clip appeared that clearly shows an exploit, which allows you to fire while sprinting - without any delay.

Sprint Fire Delay Exploit

In order for the sprint fire delay exploit to work, the player must have the perk Gung-Ho equipped, which allows you to shoot and use equipment while sprinting. You must also have a Semtex grenade, a Tomahawk or a Molotov with you. If you press and hold the button to throw the grenade, you can run at full speed over the map and shoot from the hip without any delay.

Shooting from the hip is, of course, quite imprecise, but with attachments such as a laser, you can compensate for this. This exploit is not suitable for larger maps, but especially on Nuketown, you should be prepared to meet a lot of players who will shoot you in the face while sprinting.

Hopefully, Treyarch will quickly become aware of the exploit and take care of the bug. After all, Season 1 starts on December 10 and Black Ops Cold War will be integrated into Warzone. It would certainly be good to prevent this exploit from making it into Warzone as well. Until then, you can find our top 5 weapons in BOCW.

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.

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