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BOCW Setup Guides: Streetsweeper — The Auto-Shotgun

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BOCW Setup Guides Streetsweeper
The Streetsweeper is the only automatic shotgun in Black Ops Cold War. (Credit: Activision)

In our regular setup guides, we introduce you to the best attachments for each weapon in Black Ops Cold War. Today, we're talking about the only fully automatic shotgun in BOCW: the Streetsweeper.

Looking for the best weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? You've already found a favorite weapon, but want to know which attachments you can use to get the most out of it? Then you've come to the right place! We show you the best weapons in BOCW in our setup guides.

Black Ops Cold War is starting to really come together. (Credit: Activision)

After we already covered the Gallo SA12 and the Hauer 77, today we come to the last shotgun in Black Ops Cold War. Not up for shotguns? Don't worry, we've already covered all the primary weapons. Here you can find a selection:

The Streetsweeper is the only fully automatic shotgun in Black Ops Cold War. Remember the JAK-12 from Modern Warfare? That about sums up the Streetsweeper... Huge drum magazine with a high rate of fire, and virtually no recoil!

(Credit: GIPHY)

You can't just change the magazine, but have to reload each round individually. So, allow plenty of time for reloading. If you either don't hit very well or would like to take out an entire team with one magazine, you should take a look at the Streetsweeper.

How do I get the Streetsweeper?

The Streetsweeper Shotgun was added to the arsenal with Season 1 and, since then, can either be purchased as part of a bundle in the store, or unlocked through a challenge. The challenge requires making 3 kills with a shotgun in a total of 15 matches without dying.

Streetsweeper Setup

Since the gunslinger wildcard only affects primary weapons, only five attachments can be used on shotguns and pistols. With this setup, you get the most out of the weapon:

BOCW Streetsweeper Setup
With the high rate of fire and enormous magazine, you'll clear away some serious stuff. (Credit: Activision)

As with the other shotguns, we go full melee with the Streetsweeper:

  • Muzzle: Duckbill Constriction
  • Barrel: 13” Heavy Reinforced
  • Body: SWAT-5mw Laser Marker
  • Magazine: STANAG-18 Round Magazine
  • Stock: Wire Stock

As already known from the other shotguns, with the duckbill constriction we increase the dispersion by 50%, which makes it much easier to hit from the hip. With the reinforced barrel, we increase the damage by 12% and the rate of fire by 9%. We probably don't need to explain why that's good...

giddy up kramer
(Credit: GIPHY)

To make quick hits from the hip as effective and accurate as possible, we increase accuracy from the hip by 35% with the laser. The wire shaft makes us a bit more mobile, and increases the speed by 10% when switching from sprinting to firing. Since the Streetsweeper takes forever to reload, we put the biggest magazine on it. With 18 rounds you can do a lot of damage. Nevertheless, you should never forget to reload every free minute!

With this setup, you can theoretically play the Streetsweeper as a primary weapon, if you limit yourself to close quarters fights and always keep moving. Try it out. With the exception of the annoying reload time, this shotgun is absolute destruction.


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