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Not awesome, but still pretty solid...

BOCW Setup Guide: Magnum – Akimbo One-Shot Build

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BOCW Magnum Setup Guide
Magnum is a double-edged sword... (Credit: Activision)

We are slowly working our way through all the weapons in Black Ops Cold War, to give you the best setups for each gun. Today, we're looking at the revolver in the game that isn't actually that awesome, but then it kind of is: the Magnum.

Looking for the best weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? You've already found a favorite weapon, but you want to know which attachments you can use to get the most out of it? Then you've come to the right place! We'll show you all the best weapons in Black Ops Cold War in our detailed setup guides.

bocw fara 83
BOCW is continuing to improve, despite its numerous problems... (Credit: Activision)

The time has come, and today we'll take care of the last regular weapon in Black Ops Cold War that has been in the game since the beginning. It's also the last handgun – at least until one of the future seasons brings us supplies. Here you can find a selection of our latest setup guides:

The Magnum Revolver is unlocked at level 49, and is not that cool at first sight. With only six rounds in the barrel and insane reload time, its high damage and one-shot at close range does not make up for how painful this weapon is to use. Oh, yeah, and it has a terrible rate of fire as well. Sound bad? Well, it is. You should probably stick to the Diamatti or the 1911.

With the right attachments, and the right playstyle, you can still have fun with the Magnum. Surely, you remember the hated, absolutely over-the-top .357 Snake Shot setup from Modern Warfare? Our Akimbo Magnum setup is not quite as extreme, but still strong, and will blow away anything at short range, with only one hit.

BOCW Setup Guide: Best Magnum Revolver Setup

Since the gunslinger wildcard only affects primary weapons, only five attachments can be used on pistols. With this setup guide, you can get the best out of this weapon.

BOCW Magnum Setup Guide
With this setup, the Magnum is fun. Otherwise... not so much! (Credit: Activision)

Since the Magnum Revolver, unfortunately, performs very badly on its own, we rely on Akimbo, and maximum damage. With this setup, you have to avoid long distances, but you can shoot everything with one hit at short distances:

  • Barrel: 7.2" Special Command
  • Body: SWAT-5mw low
  • Magazine: Rapid burst 12-round magazine
  • Handle: Field tape
  • Stock: Two-handed

With the Special Command barrel, we get 17% more damage, 40% range, and 120% projectile acceleration. The damage is maximized by the Two-Handed attachment – logical, right? Two revolvers, double damage. Since we can't aim more with two revolvers, we increase accuracy from the hip by 35%, with the laser.

The larger magazine gives us six more bullets per magazine, so with two revolvers, we get a total of 24 rounds. Finally, with the field tape, we increase flinch resistance by 90%.

With this setup, you must always keep moving, and look for fights at close range. Pull the trigger with both revolvers at the same time, and you'll always land a one-shot. Yes, this setup has limited uses, and any other gun is probably more versatile and reliable, but it's still fun.

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.