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BOCW Setup Guides: M82 – The Semi-Automatic Sniper

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BOCW M82 Setup Guide

The M82 is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War. (Credit: Activision)

In our regular setup guides, we introduce you to the best attachments for each weapon in Black Ops Cold War. Today, we're taking on the only semi-automatic sniper in BOCW: The M82.

Looking for the best weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? You've already found your favorite weapon, but want to know what attachments you can use to get the most out of it? Then, you've come to the right place! We show you the best weapons in Black Ops Cold War in our setup guides!

The time has come! With today's setup guide, we've covered all the primary weapons that are available in Black Ops Cold War Season 1! But, don't worry, we'll also cover pistols and shotguns in the future.

Headin’ back on over the the topic, there are currently three sniper rifles in BOCW. We've already covered the Pelington 703 and the LW3 Tundra – so only one more remains: the M82, the only semi-automatic sniper in BOCW.

The M82 is unlocked at level 55, as the last regular weapon. The 50-caliber sniper is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle in BOCW, and is most comparable to the Rytec from Modern Warfare. It has comparatively high recoil and is very slow, but kills with just one hit to the head or upper chest area – even in Warzone!

As quick-scope snipers, both other sniper rifles are much better suited, but if you play at long range and want to wipe out an entire squad without dismounting, then this is the bad-boy for you! The M82 is especially useful in Warzone, as its semi-automatic fire mode, and high damage, means that it can finish off enemies in no time. Moreover, its recoil is easier to control than that of the Rytec...

M82 Setup

In order to make our setup accessible to all players, regardless of the wildcard that they choose, we will again limit ourselves to the most important five attachments for the weapon. Those who use gunslingers can fill the remaining three slots according to personal preference.

BOCW M82 Setup

Shooting without stopping! The M82 packs a punk. (Credit: Activision)

Of course, we could try to improve the weapon's speed, but as mentioned earlier, the M82 is not a quick-scope sniper and, even if we build it completely for speed, it will be outclassed by the Pelington or Tundra. So, let's get the most out of its strengths, high damage, and semi-automatic fire mode!

  • Muzzle: Stabilizer .50 BMG
  • Barrel: 22.6” Tiger Team
  • Underbarrel: Bipod
  • Magazine: Rapid burst 9-round magazine
  • Handle: Air-plastic wrap

The two most important attachments in this setup are the barrel and the bipod. The Tiger Team barrel increases the M82's damage by 20%, rate of fire by 18%, and projectile acceleration by 50%. The bipod reduces vertical and horizontal recoil by a full 20%. With the stabilizer, we also increase the weapon's movement control by 12%.

These attachments alone make the weapon incredibly accurate, and allow you to get everything out of the semi-automatic fire mode, without constant readjustment. To compensate for the slightly lower ammo supply, and increased reloading speed, we take another larger magazine with us. This gives use a total of 3 magazines with 7 rounds each. To top it off, we increase our ZV speed by 12% with the air-elastic wrap.

If you position yourself well, and stick to medium and long range fights, you can take out up to seven opponents in a row very quickly with this setup, without having to dismount even once. If this sounds fun, you should definitely try out the M82, if you haven't already!

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