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BOCW Setup Guides: Gallo SA12 – Fast and Reliable

Call of Duty
BOCW Setup Guides: Gallo SA12
The Gallo SA12 is our favorite at short distances. (Credit: Activision)

In our regular setup guides, we introduce you to the best attachments for each weapon in Black Ops Cold War. Today, we’re starting with secondary weapons, and taking on one of the most iconic game shotguns: the Gallo SA12.

Looking for the best weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? Already found a favorite weapon, but want to know which attachments you can use to get the most out of it? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you the current best weapons in Black Ops Cold War in our setup guides.

After we already covered all the primary weapons available in Season 1, today we start with the secondary weapons. We won’t cover launchers and melee weapons in our guides, since they can’t be upgraded with attachments, but we will of course cover all shotguns and pistols. Some of them, when played correctly, can even replace the primary weapon.

In Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War, we have three shotguns to choose from. We’ll start with a video game icon, the semi-automatic Gallo SA12.

The Gallo SA12 is unlocked at level 34 and is the only semi-automatic shotgun in the game. Its damage is lower than the pump-action shotgun Hauer 77, but its rate of fire is much higher. Thanks to its high rate of fire, good spread, and more than sufficient damage, it is perfect as a secondary weapon for close combat. With the increased spread, better hip fire, and a larger magazine, the Gallo SA12 will clear any house. For those who enjoy using assault, tactical or sniper rifles, this shotgun is the perfect companion when the going gets tough.

Gallo SA12 Setup

Since the gunslinger wildcard only affects primary weapons, only five attachments can be used on shotguns and pistols. With this setup, you get the best out of the weapon:

BOCW Gallo SA12 Setup
With this setup, you'll have a hip-fire machine! (Credit: Activision)

Of course, the Gallo SA12 can be customized in several ways, but we’ll focus on its utility as a secondary weapon for close combat. The important attributes here are rate of fire, accuracy from the hip, and a wide spread so as not to miss in the heat of battle.

  • Muzzle: Duckbill Constriction
  • Barrel: 21.4” Heavy Reinforced
  • Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Marker
  • Magazine: 9 Shot Barrel
  • Stock: Wire Stock

The Muzzle increases the spread by a full 50%, which makes hitting enemies from the hip much easier. With the barrel, we increase the range by 12%, and most importantly, the rate of fire by 15%. The higher the rate of fire, the faster the enemy is killed – logical, right?

Since we only use the shotgun at short range, and have to be fast, we increase the precision from the hip by 35% with the laser and reduce the changeover time from sprinting to shooting by 10% with the wire shaft. Finally, we add a larger magazine with the 9-round barrel. Why not 12 rounds? Quite simply, the reload time with the 12-round tube increases by an enormous 34% - with the 9-round tube, only by 5%.

With this setup, you are perfectly equipped for close combat. Just shoot from the hip and clean up. However, you should be close to the opponent, a shotgun is useless at a distance.


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