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New weapons, new maps, new operators

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Leaks & Release Date [Update]

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Season 1 is slowly but surely coming to an end. With Firebase Z, Express, and League Play, there was a lot of new content in the end, but what can we expect in Season 2? We have all the leaks, as well as the expected release date for you!

Season 1: Reloaded brought an incredible content package, complete with a Zombies map in Vietnam, a remake of the popular Black Ops 2 map, Express, and finally a Ranked Mode called League Play. Of course, we've already compiled all the info for you.


Since the Battle Pass, and with it the Season, will expire at the end of February, it's high time to take a look at what is known about Season 2 so far. Back in early January, we reported on some leaks that promised us remakes of the Summit and Firing Range maps. The popular Attack Dogs Scorestreak was also leaked.

But now it's getting serious. With the first teaser for Season 2, we get our first official sign of life from Season 2...

Update February 17th:

Finally there is an official trailer for Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. The trailer shows Woods and his team searching for the kidnapped Adler in Laos.

The trailer shows three new operators:

  • Naga
  • Wolf
  • Rivas

As usual, one of these operators will probably be available with the Battle Pass, while the others will come as part of bundles during the season.

Four new weapons were also shown in the trailer:

  • Crossbow
  • Minigun
  • Galil
  • AI-LC10 SMG

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What's Coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 2?


As already announced in our old article, we expect Season 2 to feature mainly new maps. As The MW2Ghost posted on Twitter, we can expect remakes of Summit and Firing Range, as well as a new map called Apocalypse.

Other leaks, which have since disappeared from Twitter, also speculate on a remake of the Black Ops 2 map Vertigo, as well as a brand new map called Echelon.

In addition, after Firebase Z, we can probably also expect at least one new Zombies map for Season 2. Treyarch started posting mysterious images on Twitter back in January, and so far it's not clear whether it's a remake of an old zombies map or a completely new one.

Warzone is also not excluded from the map leaks. After Rebirth Island, we might get a map in the Ural Mountains. The assumption is based on the fact that Ruka, Alpine and Sanatorium, three big maps in BOCW Fireteam mode, are all set in the Ural Mountains region in Western Russia. Perhaps, they could all be combined together to produce a massive, and awesome, new Warzone map!


Of course, there will also be new weapons. January already brought speculation about a new Sniper and an LMG. Latest leaks point to a sniper and a submachine gun.

The sniper is said to be the NTW-20, for which textures have appeared in one of the latest Warzone updates.

As for the submachine gun, only the very cryptic name AI-LC10 is known so far. However, just recently a new SMG popped up in Modern Warfare´s Spec Ops Survival Mode.


A new pistol, a submachine gun and a new LMG can already be unlocked and even leveled up in Modern Warfare's Survival Mode. The Sykov pistol already seems incredibly op, as it gets an 80-round magazine with the right attachments and can be fired fully automatically. Combine that with the Akimbo perk, and we're already wondering what the heck developers were thinking.

I was able to get access to the new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder from CODWarzone

The submachine gun is called CX-9 or Scorpion. This weapon is already known from other CoDs and stands out especially because of its high rate of fire.

The new LMG is called the RAAL MG. It has a rather average rate of fire, but seems to be relatively accurate. With attachments, the 100-round magazine can be reduced to 50 or increased up to 150.

New RAAL MG is now fully accessible, fully modeled and working in coop survival from modernwarfare

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Other leaks also announced two new melee weapons, a machete and an e-tool. Do you still remember the crossbow from Modern Warfare? According to TailsDoll711, this weapon will also be available in Season 2 via a bundle in the store.


Further leaks also give us hope for at least two new operators. Back in December of last year, a glitch gave us hope that we could soon expect to see Richtofen, an Operator known from Zombies mode. Since he hasn't been in the game yet, Season 2 would be the perfect time for his introduction.

Also known from Zombies mode is Samantha Maxis, who has to be rescued by players in the new Firebase Z Easter Egg. Leaks suggest that she could also make her way into the game in Season 2 as part of a bundle.

That's it for now with the leaks. As always, we'd like to point out that none of this is officially confirmed, so things could still change – don't get too hyped.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Release Date

Until now we were going by the expiry date of the current Battle Pass but the new Season 2 trailer gave us an exact date. The release date of Black Ops Cold War Season 2 will be February 25. Just a little more and the wait will be over.


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