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BOCW Season 2 Free Access Week for Multiplayer and Zombies!

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Season 2 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is coming very soon. Are you as hyped as we are? BOCW Season 2 Poster

With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Season 2 just around the corner, Treyarch has announced another free access week to coincide with its launch. Season 2 will bring new weapons, maps and modes to the latest Call of Duty. At launch, you can enjoy it in all of its glory, free of charge.

Back in January, Treyarch ran a free access week for the Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War. Apparently, it was a success, because they're doing it again! BOCW has had a bit a mixed reception, but with Season 1: Reloaded, the game came roaring back into the spotlight in style. Now, it's time to enjoy that success.

Black ops cold war vietnam

Season 1: Reloaded was a welcome return to form for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. (Credit: Activision)

What's The Deal With Season 2?

Last week, Treyarch revealed the roadmap for Season 2 – and it was pretty exciting! New maps and weapons, and all sorts of goodies, are coming to Multiplayer and Zombies mode. The roadmap makes Season 1 look like child's play (as it should, Season 1 was...not great), and we can't wait to jump in.

BOCW Season 2 Roadmap

Check out the roadmap for Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. (Credit: Activision)

What if I want to have my brains eaten, you may ask? Well, first thing is: dude, that's weird, you should probably see someone if you feel that way. The second thing, though, can be summed up in one very short word: LOTS! We like lists, do you like lists? We like lists, so we're going to give you one:

  • Outbreak Mode: Dubbed a “large-scale Zombies experience” by Treyarch, this looks to be a massive expansion for Zombies, and a semi-open-world map. Are you hyped? We're hyped!
  • Onslaught for PlayStation: As usual, Treyarch annoys all of us Xbox Players by giving PlayStation Players access to a cool 2-player-fast-paced Zombies mode. It's available on a variety of multiplayer maps, too!

Zombies are way too cliché, what about Multiplayer? Do we really have to structure this paragraph like this again? Firstly: that was unnecessary, don't be mean. Secondly: Yes, there is some new stuff coming to Multiplayer, that is the heart of Call of Duty, bizarre human.

Season 1: Reloaded - Firebase Z & Express shake things up!

Basically, if you are into multiplayer, check out the Apocalypse 24/7 playlist. If you don't know what a playlist is, then it's probably a good thing that they are doing a free access week, hey? Basically, it's a collection of game modes all available on Apocalypse 24/7. The map looks cool, too, it's in a jungle! Who doesn't love a good jungle map?

Enough rhetorical questions, enjoy this cat gif, then it's time to let you know what you'll be in for in just a few short days...oh yeah, and the release date.

Funny cat at laptop

Free Access Week Release Date and Inclusions

What's insanely cool about BOCW's latest Free Access Week is that it is pretty all-inclusive. You can expect to have access to pretty much all of the new Season 2 content for free. Oh, and you will also get access to a collection of other multiplayer modes from the base game. You should jump in and check out some of the classic Playlists in all their glory, and get yourself a taste of all that BOCW now has to offer.

So, if you're unsure about BOCW, we don't blame you. However! We totally recommend checking it out for free, because Season 2 looks to be pretty fantastic. The Free Access Week starts on February 25 at 10AM PT, and will run through to March 4. Come on guys, hurry the f**k up!

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