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Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded Roadmap: Express and League Play

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BOCW Season 1 reloaded
Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded brings a lot of fresh content. (Credit: Activision)

Yesterday evening, the BOCW Mid-Season Update or Season 1 Reloaded went live. Besides the well-known new features like the Sanatorium map, a remake for Express, League Play, and the zombies map Firebase Z were also announced.

The big mid-season update is finally here! Some things, like the new Fireteam map Sanatorium and the free Zombies week, were already known in advance, but Season 1 Reloaded has a lot more to offer.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Reloaded

With the update, Treyarch also released a new roadmap that announces a lot of new content that we can still expect during Season 1.

BOCW Season 1 Reloaded Roadmap
The roadmap for Season 1 Reloaded gives an overview of everything that still awaits us. (Credit: Activision)

What Is Already There?

As previously announced, the new Sanatorium map is now available. It is exclusive to the 40-player Fireteam mode and will most likely also be part of a new Warzone map, but not much is known about it yet. In general, however, players already seem to be very happy with the new map:

Also, the new multiplayer mode Dropkick 6v6 is now live. In this mode, two teams fight over a briefcase with nuclear launch codes. The carrier of the briefcase can only use one gun and must be protected by his team. Respawns are only possible when the briefcase is dropped. A nice new mode for players who are into team play and like to play the objective.

BOCW Dropkick
Dropkick is a new game mode in which team play is especially important. (Credit: Activision)

For the zombie mode, the free week started yesterday, during which everyone - even if they don't own BOCW or Warzone - can try out the zombie mode for free until January 21. Additionally, all zombie fans will get a new game mode with Cranked, which will provide even more excitement. Throughout the game, you'll be fighting against a timer that can only be reset by kills. When the timer expires... well, you get the idea - BOOM.

The new melee weapon Wakizashi is now available for purchase either in a bundle (Disavowed Assassin) or via a challenge to unlock. For the latter, you have to perform two finishing moves with the combat knife in a total of 10 different matches.

What's Coming Next?

There are some really exciting announcements here. Hold on tight!

Ok, we'll start with the most boring one first: January 21 sees the arrival of a new operator, Zeyna. Hailing from Senegal, the DGSE heavy weapons specialist is joining the NATO faction and will likely be available via a bundle in the Store.

In addition, another new game mode, Snipers Only Moshpit, will be added to BOCW's multiplayer during Season 1. Those who have played Modern Warfare already know the mode, for everyone else: You play 6v6 TDM or Domination and can only use sniper rifles - no grenades, no score breaks, and no other weapons.

BOCW Express
We all know and love the map Express known from BO2. (Credit: Activision)

Let's get to the first big surprise: The popular Black Ops 2 map Express has been announced as a remake and will be part of Black Ops Cold War as early as February 4. We can hardly wait to destroy our opponents in the u-shaped high-tech station - oh well, the good old days. According to leaker TheMW2Ghost, up to eight more remakes of well-known maps will be added to Black Ops Cold War - at least one, if not two per season.

Another surprise was the announcement that League Play will be released during Season 1. Only recently we reported that Ranked Play was confirmed for BOCW, but still without a schedule. It looks like Treyarch has been working on the mode requested by many players for quite some time, and we will be able to fight our way up the leaderboards as early as the next few weeks.

The zombie mode hasn't been forgotten either. With Firebase Z, the first new map for the zombie mode was announced, which should also go live on February 4. Since today is the legendary Day 115, we expect more news about the zombie mode and will cover them in a separate article.

BOCW Zombies Firebase Z
Firebase Z will be the new map for the zombie mode. (Credit: Activision)

If you want to try out all the new content right away, you'll also get double weapon XP in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone from tonight until January 19. So much content at once and then the long-awaited League Play... We can hardly hold back our tears of joy.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.