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Treyarch has made a comeback and it feels good, oh so good...

We Want to Make Love to BOCW Season 1: Reloaded

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Oh Harry, play Zombies with me... (Credit: zanny via YouTube)

Treyarch have finally released the big February 4 Update 1.11, driven by Season 1: Reloaded, and surprisingly, it's a hit! From Firebase Z, to Express, to League Play, the new features have come and added so much quality to the experience that we can finally say that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War isn't half bad.

You really didn't think it could happen? Well, it's really at the end of the line, and Treyarch needed to avoid that "third strike, you're out" point with Black Ops Cold War. Well, this isn't their third strike, and we are enjoying everything they have given us this time around. It would have been nice if this had come two months ago, though...

BOCW Squad
It's finally time to Squad Up! After a s**t couple months, BOCW is finally kind-of good. (Credit: Activision)

If you've been living under a rock, then you'd know that Season 1 officially happened in mid-December, 2020. It launched, it integrated with Warzone, it gave us some... stuff... and then we cried. For about a month-and-a-half. Season 1 didn't offer a huge amount, and the integration was a total disaster, and in many ways, still is.

You can't just take a bunch of weapons that are optimized for one game, and then pop them into a totally different game, with a totally different philosophy. The game-as-a-platform idea was interesting and could have worked really well. But the reality stands: BOCW didn't fix its own problems, Warzone got more s**t, and Modern Warfare players got told to go new or go home. Love it!


That's why we want to make love to BOCW Season 1: Reloaded.

In one big drop, Treyarch has begun what could end up being their redemption story. Firebase Z is great, with tons of new Zombie's content, and a big-boy baddie at the end. Meanwhile, we're enjoying our return to Express after all these years, we're excited for League Play, and pretty much everything else is quality as well.

You like the sound of that? We do too! Season One: Reloaded delivers almost everywhere that Season One failed when it dropped back in December. It doesn't fix all the problems, sure, but these things never do. What it does do, though, is actually liven up the game.

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(Credit: GIPHY)

The thing about Black Ops Cold War is that, when it launched, it was pretty lame. OOF! Feelin’ the anger already, but seriously, BOCW had a generic campaign, with generic multiplayer, and generic Zombies... there was really not all that much to talk about. It was fine. Season One was supposed to add a bunch of cool s**t and... well, it did what we described above. It was less than lame.

Season One: Reloaded, however, adds tons of cool stuff, and puts the excitement back into our step again. BOING, BOING! It's time to play CoD again! Without feeling depressed! New stuff will come with future seasons, and if they keep this up and keep hammering down cheaters in Warzone, then maybe Call of Duty can be saved after all.

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