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Fewer freezes and crashes...

Black Ops Cold War: Patch Notes March 8

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Black Ops Cold War: Patch Notes March 8
The update is small, but it makes us happy. (Credit: Treyarch)

Yesterday, Treyarch released a tiny little surprise patch for Black Ops Cold War. As we know, you still want the scoop on what's new, we'll briefly take you through the patch notes.

Now, let's be clear: yesterday's patch is not the weekly playlist update. However, there is a new playlist, anyway. Here are the patch notes:

Patch Notes March 8


  • Rapid Fire Moshpit is now also available as Hardcore Playlist in Quick Search.
  • The "Guerrilla Warfare" Season Challenge now counts kills with each weapon picked up.
  • The "Helping Hand" Daily Challenge now correctly counts spy plane assists.

League Play

  • If you are stuck in a "broken" ladder, the next match will place you in a working one.
  • Names in the ladder are now displayed correctly.


  • Various stability improvements for Outbreak mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the objective could not be completed if a player leaves the match while carrying a canister.
  • Fixed graphics bug when using upgraded Frenzied Guard field equipment.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented listening to radio transmissions on Firebase Z.

So yeah, that's about it! Although it's not much, and doesn't sound exciting, we're especially happy about the stability improvements in Outbreak. Since the launch of Season 2, we've been spending more time in Outbreak than all other modes combined, and the freezes, lags, and occassional crashes were quite frustrating.


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