BOCW Outbreak Glitch Makes Plaguehounds Terrifying  | EarlyGame
In BOCW's new Outbreak Mode, this glitch is horrifying!

BOCW Outbreak Glitch Finally Makes Zombies Scary

Call of Duty

A new glitch has appeared in Black Ops Cold War's new Outbreak mode, which makes Zombie Plaguehounds even more horrifying than they already were. With Outbreak only being introduced in Season 2, this new bug could be a tip to Treyarch as to how they could make Zombies Mode actually scary.

Led Zeppelin might have sung about a Black Dog (is this what that song is about?), but Treyarch has finally created some worth their merit... accidentally. This latest glitch in Black Ops Cold War's new Outbreak mode turns those annoying dogs into something even more demonic. Take a look...

Screamed for a solid 3 seconds. from blackopscoldwar

Well, that's f**king terrifying, isn't it? The player is just chilling, smashing some Aether Rocks to collect some of that delicious loot, and he gets swamped by a pack of the most demonic motherf**kers that you have ever seen. We think, though, that this could be a lesson for Treyarch...

The thing is, CoD Zombies has never been scary. There are no stakes, there are no surprises — it has been rounds-based for the longest time, so we all know what is coming around the next bend! Well, what if they added a few more horror elements to the formula. Outbreak would even be the perfect starting point.

BOCW Outbreak Zombies Naga
Zombies are not really that scary in any CoD Zombies Mode, could this be a lost opportunity? (Credit: Activision)

Now, the Plaguehounds are probably the most terrifying thing in the game already. That's not saying much, though, because Zombies in Call of Duty have always been kind-of vanilla. That's not the nice, malty, delicious Vanilla that you get in a fresh milkshake, but one of those s**t smoothies you get pre-packaged at 7-Eleven.

These new Plaguehounds, though? These pr**ks are terrifying! In a mode like Outbreak, if you make the zombies a bit scarier, add a bit more suspense, and don't make everything you use so f**king overpowered, then maybe you will have to sit forward in your seat, and have a bit more of a tense experience...

This could be an awesome idea for Zombies, moving forward, to add a little bit more variety to the experience. Maybe we could even see other survival features enter the game as well? Some crafting, some base-building. This could, quite simply, be awesome...


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